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Who Married Sarah CARROLL in 1777?

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       In January 1777 Thomas BARTLETT married Sarah CARROLL in Fauquier County, Virginia. Various records after 1777 show both Thomas BARTLETT, Sr. and his son, Thomas BARTLETT, Jr., had a wife named Sarah. Which Thomas BARTLETT (Sr or Jr) married Sarah CARROLL?


       The first record of Thomas BARTLETT in Fauquier Co, VA was in 1769 when he witnessed a deed. In 1771 Thomas leased a large tract of land, which be bought in March 1772. In the next few months Thomas BARTLETT and his wife, Anne, sold several parts of this tract. These deeds in 1772 were the last records found for Anne BARTLETT. In 1779 Thomas BARTLETT gave his son 100 acres of land, but, unlike earlier deeds which always included Anne, this one he executed alone. In 1784 there is a deed wherein Thomas BARTLETT, Senr and wife Sarah sell part of the original tract of land. This indicates that Thomas BARTLETT, Sr. had married a Sarah before 1784.
       A look at the children of Thomas BARTLETT, Sr. and his two wives (Anne and Sarah) indicate that Anne gave birth to the first 10 surviving children, and Sarah was the mother of the remaining 5 children. The last known child of Thomas and Anne was James BARTLETT who was born in 1771. The eldest child of Thomas and Sarah was Sanford BARTLETT who died in 1817 at the age of 40, indicating he was born in 1777. Their second child was Mary BARTLETT who married Benjamin WELCH in 1797. If Mary was about 18 years old when she married, she would have been born about 1779 – a reasonable “fit” after Sanford was born. Both of these children’s probable birth years indicate Thomas and Sarah must have married in 1776 or early 1777.
       There is a very good “fit” for Thomas BARTLETT, Sr. to be the one who married Sarah CARROLL in January 1777.

Thomas BARTLETT, Jr.

       The only record I have found of a Thomas BARTLETT, Jr. in Fauquier Co, VA from 1768 to 1785 is a listing in the 1778 tithable list indicating he is 16 years old or older [i.e. born in 1762 or earlier]. Although Thomas BARTLETT, Sr. and his sons William and John are listed in the 1784 Personal Property Tax Lists in their own right (indicating they were probably at least 21 years old and born before 1763), there is no other record I’ve found in Fauquier Co, VA of a Thomas BARTLETT, Jr. However, in 1784, Thomas BARTLETT includes Senr after his name in a deed in which he and Sarah sell the last of their land in Fauquier Co, before moving to Harrison Co, VA. This indicates Thomas BARTLETT, Jr. was probably of age by that time. Almost certainly any record involving Thomas BARTLETT, Jr. would have included the “Junr” after his name to distinguish him from his well known father. So Thomas BARTLETT, Jr was probably born c1762-3.
       A look at the children of Thomas BARTLETT, Jr. and Sarah may also provide an insight on when they married. Their first three daughters were married in 1803, 1806, and 1809. Based on these marriages, if the daughters were about 18 years old when they married, they would have been born in 1785, 1787 and 1789, indicating Thomas BARTLETT, Jr and Sarah married about 1784. Even if the daughters were a little older, Thomas Jr. and Sarah would still have been married in the 1780s. If Thomas BARTLETT, Jr. had married Sarah CARROLL in 1777, the record almost certainly would have included a Junr on his name, he would have been in other Fauquier Co records in the late 1770s and early 1780s, and his father would have given him land. None of these things occurred. Also Thomas BARTLETT, Jr. would have been married for 26 years before his eldest daughter was married – possible, but not very likely.
       It appears that Thomas BARTLETT, Jr. married a Sarah in the 1780s; and it is improbable that Thomas BARTLETT, Jr. was the one who married Sarah CARROLL in January 1777.
Other articles discuss the intertwined BARTLETT-CARROLL families; and provide more discussion on the children of Thomas BARTLETT, Sr. and each of his children.

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