Thomas BARTLETT (c1730-1806)

Children’s Birth Years

by Jim Bartlett

      This paper will try to determine the birth years of Thomas BARTLETT’s fifteen children who survived to adulthood. I will list the children in the order I think is most probable and give the rationale for the birth year of each.

      1. Susannah BARTLETT born c1752; married c1770 (at age 18) Reuben STROTHER
            - Fauquier Co, VA Deeds Mar 1771: Judson COOLEDGE and Mary, his wife, of Prov. of Maryland to Thomas BARTLETT ... a tract of land in the County of Fauquier... one year lease ... 1748 acres in Fauquier Co.; wit: Sanford CARROLL, Reuben STROTHER, William YATES. [this indicates Reuben STROTHER is an adult, and probably married to Thomas BARTLETT’s daughter by this time]
            -Fauquier Co, VA Marriage Bonds: 9 Apr 1787; Henry POWELL to Sally STROTHER, bond by Reuben STROTHER.[Sally is oldest daughter of Reuben and Susannah STROTHER found; she would have been 16-18 years old (probably), so born 1769-71, so parents married before 1768-70. The first record of Susannah’s father, Thomas BARTLETT, in Fauquier Co, VA was in Aug 1769 – to give Susannah a little time to get to know Reuben STROTHER after her family got to Fauquier Co, VA, I estimate they married about 1770, and started a family immediately. If Susannah was 16-18 when she married, she would have been born in 1752-54. I think she was born and married before her sister, Elizabeth, discussed below – so I estimate her birth as about 1752 (plus or minus a year)
            - Fauquier Co, VA 1787 Census of VA (all white male Tithables over 21 listed plus: white males 16-21; black over 16; blacks under 16; horses, cattle): Reuben STROTHER 0,2,2,8,16

      2. Elizabeth “Betty” BARTLETT born c1754; married 1771 (at age 17) Sanford CARROLL
            - Fauquier Co, VA Marriage Bonds: 13 Feb 1771; Sanford CARRELL and Thomas BARTLETT for marriage of Sanford to Betty BARTLETT, daughter of Thomas; Thomas BARTLETT bondsman. [If Elizabeth/Betty was 16-18 when she married, she would have been born 1753-55 – so I estimate her birth as about 1754 (plus or minus a year)
            - Fauquier Co, VA 1787 Census of VA (all white male Tithables over 21 listed plus: white males 16-21; black over 16; blacks under 16; horses, cattle): Thomas ASBURY 0,2,3,4,6. [indicates Elizabeth prob. remarried by 1787]
            - Harrison Co, VA Deed (DB2,p439) 11 Apr 1796 Deed Thomas ASBURY and wife Elizabeth to John READER ... 96 acres Elk Creek for 30 pounds. sig: Betty ASBURY

      3. William BARTLETT born 1756; married c1774 (at age 18) Sarah HATHAWAY born 1759 (age 15)
            - The William BARTLETT Family Bible lists William’s birthday as Apr 4, 1756; and his wife, Sarah’s birthday as Nov 12, 1759; and their oldest child, Nancy’s birthday as Sep 5, 1775. [This fixes William’s birth year as 1756; and indicates that they were probably married near the end of 1774, perhaps just after Sarah turned 15 years old.]

      4. John B BARTLETT born abt 1760; married 1780 (at age 20) Anne BARKLEY
            - Fauquier Co, VA Marriage Bonds 29 Nov 1780: John BARTLETT married Anne BARKLEY; bond by William BARKLEY. If John was 17-20 years old at the time of marriage, he would have been born 1760-63.
            - Virginia State Library Report (Vol8,p36); and Virginia State Library Revolutionary Soldiers (Vol4,p118) state that John B BARTLETT was a Private in the Virginia Infantry. [If John enlisted at age 16 or 17 in 1776-78, he would have been born 1759-62]
            - Some of the DAR files show John BARTLETT born 1760; I’ll use 1760 for a birth year

      5. Thomas BARTLETT, Jr. born c1762; married c1784 (at age 21) Sarah _____
            - Monongalia Co, VA Marriages; 11 Oct 1803: Thomas BAILEY married Nancy BARTLETT, daughter of Thomas and Sarah BARTLETT; surety by Robert BARTLETT. [This appears to be the first marriage of a child of Thomas; if Nancy was 16-18, she would have been born in 1785-87, and her parents were probably married a year earlier or 1784-86. Incidently, this brings up the issue of where they married – it appears Thomas, Jr went with his father to Harrison Co, VA about 1785, so he probably married just before they left Fauquier Co, VA (probable) or soon after arriving in Harrison Co, VA. If Thomas was 17-20 when he married, he would have been born 1764-1769
            - Fauquier Co, VA Tax 1783 Personal Tax; Thomas BARTLETT: 13 slaves, 11 horses, 25 cattle. [There is only one Thos BARTLETT in the Fauquier Co, VA Personal Tax List, and he is not listed as Sr or Jr (it’s obviously Thomas, Sr with those slaves and livestock); this indicates that Thomas, Jr was not yet of age; ie he was not 21, he was born after 1762]
            -Fauquier Co, VA; Tithables 1778 [all age 16 and over] [by Thomas KEITH/Northeast Dist]; Thomas BARTLETT; Thos BARTLETT, Jnr, N[egroes]: Jack, Franky, Dick, Joe, Hannah, Feby & Judy: 9 tithes [indicates Thomas BARTLETT Jnr was born 1762 or earlier [let’s use 1762 as Thomas BARTLETT Jr birth year – plus or minus a year]
            - Harrison Co, VA Tithable Lists; 1785: Thomas BARTLETT, Sr; Thomas BARTLETT [this indicates Thomas, Jr was in Harrison Co by 1785, and was of age; so he was born by 1764; I’ll estimate his birth year as 1763 (plus or minus a year).
            - Monongalia Co, VA Census 1810: Thomas BARTLETT: 2m10-15, 1m45+; 1f10-, 4f10-15, 1f45+.[indicates Thomas, Jr was born before 1765]

      6. Benjamin B BARTLETT born 1764; married c1784 (at age 20) Mary Ann Heath CARROLL
            - DAR Records BARTLETT, Benjamin (1763VA-1824VA) Pvt/VA m Mary Ann H (DAR 188351(202)-Hattie CORPENING BROWNING; 193303-Betty CORPENING WILLISON)
            - Dempse CARROLL (Mary Ann’s father) died in 1776 in Loudoun Co, VA (his will was probated in Fauquier Co, VA), so I assume Benjamin and Mary Ann were married before they moved to Harrison Co, VA in 1785; let’s say about 1784 in Fauquier or Loudoun Co.
            - Harrison Co, VA Tithable Lists; 1785: Thomas BARTLETT, Sr; ..., Benjamin BARTLETT, [this indicates Benjamin was 21 by 1785 or born 1764 or earlier; and probably that he was married and a head of household by then.]
            - Harrison Co, VA Tombstone: Bridgeport: Apr 1824 Benjamin BARTLETT; d at 60y [this indicates Benjamin was born in 1764] I’ll use 1764 as birth year (plus or minus a year)

      7. Robert BARTLETT born c1765; married (2nd?) 1797 (at age 32?) Susannah HAYMOND
            - Harrison Co, VA Tithable Lists; 1785: [The Tithables were men of lawful age] Thomas BARTLETT, Sr ... Robert BARTLETT. [this indicates Robert was of age in 1785 or was born 1764 or earlier.]
            - Harrison Co, VA Deed 1787; Thomas BARTLETT, Sr and wife Sarah to son Robert ... 200 acres on West fork of Monongalia River for 5 pounds [this indicates Robert was of age and probably married by 1787, ie born by 1766 and married by 1787.] Let’s say born 1765 (plus or minus 1-2 years).
            - Harrison Co, VA Marriages;12 Jan 1797 Robert BARTLETT m Susannah HAYMOND [perhaps this is Robert’s second marriage...]
            - Harrison Co, VA Deed 1810; Robert BARTLETT & wife Susannah to John SOMMERVILLE, Jr of Harrison Co ... 200 acres West Fork River for $1400 (where Robert has resided). [per Edna LAW, Robert and Susannah BARTLETT then went west to New Madrid, MO; Robert was not in the Harrison Co, VA 1810 census]

      8. Nancy Ann BARTLETT born c1767; married c1786 (at age 19) Thomas HALL
            - Harrison Co, VA Land Grants (LG3,p117); 1788: Thomas HALL 2,000 acres Ten Mile Creek [indicates Thomas was of age, and so was born before 1767]; let’s GUESS that Nancy was born abt 1767 (plus or minus a year or two); and that she was, say, 19 at marriage in 1786. [Nancy Ann and Sarah could be in either order, but in this order she is the third daughter – it was the custom of the time to name the third daughter after the mother.]
            - Harrison Co, VA Deed 1798; Thomas BARTLETT to his daughter Anne HALL of Nelson Co, KY ... a Negro slave woman named Abigail, then to her daughter Elizabeth HALL

      9. Sarah BARTLETT born c1769 married c1785 (at age 16) George FOWKE
            - Fauquier Co, VA 1787 Census of VA (all white male Tithables over 21 listed plus: white males 16-21; black over 16; blacks under 16; horses, cattle): List A: George FOWKE 0,1,2,1,2. [this indicates George FOWKE was 21 by 1787 or born 1766 or before – usually the wife is 1-3 years younger
            - Their known children were born in late 1780’s and thru the 1790’s; Sarah died before 1816 with 7 surviving heirs. I’m GUESSING, based on the “spaces” between Benj. and James, that Sarah was born about 1769 (plus or minus a year); married about 1785 [just as Sarah’s father was moving to Harrison Co, VA; George & Sarah stayed in Fauquier Co, VA

      10. James BARTLETT born 1771; married 1790 (at age 19) Sarah PHILLIPS
            - Fauquier Co, VA 1787 Census of VA (all white male Tithables over 21 listed plus: white males 16-21; black over 16; blacks under 16; horses, cattle): James BARTLETT with Wm QUAINTAN. [Using the 16 age; James would have been born in 1771 or earlier.]
            - Fauquier Co, VA Marriages (MB1,p298) 12 Aug 1790; James BARTLETT to Sarah PHILLIPS daughter of Thomas and Mary PHILLIPS; consent by Thomas PHILLIPS; John HATHWAY bondsman [if James was 18-20 years old at his marriage, he would have been born 1770-72]; let’s say abt 1771 (plus or minus a year)
            - Harrison Co, VA Census 1810: James BARTLETT; ... 1m27-45 [indicates James born 1765-83]       [NOTE: Thomas BARTLETT, Sr. married 1777 Sarah CARROLL – these are their children]

      11. Sanford BARTLETT born c1777; married 1803 (at age 26) Anne MAULSBY (a1785- )
            - Harrison Co, VA Marriages 7 Nov 1803 Sanford BARTLETT to [?Nancy] Anne MAULSBY
            - Harrison Co, VA Deed 1805; Thomas BARTLETT to Sanford BARTLETT, his son, three negro men and one negro boy [Sanford was probably 21 by 1805 or born before 1784]
            - Harrison Co, VA Census 1810: Sanford BARTLETT ... 1m27-45 [indicates Sanford was born 1765-1783]
            - Frederick Co, VA; Obit; 18 Oct 1817: Died - In Winchester on Tuesday, in the 40th year of his age, Mr. Sanford BARTLETT, late Captain in the U. S. Army, leaving a widow and four children [Winchester; Republication Constellation Newspaper ] [“in the 40th year” indicates birth between Nov 1777 and Oct 1778; as son of Thomas BARTLETT m Jan 1777 Sarah CARROLL, then he would have been b 1777/8 and would have been the first born] I’ll use 1777.

      12. Mary BARTLETT born c1779; married 1797 (at age 18) Benjamin WELCH
            - Fauquier Co, VA Marriage Bonds 1 Feb 1777: ... whereas there is a marriage shortly to be solemnized between the above bound Thomas BARTLETT and Sarah CARROL for which a license has been issued; [Assuming Mary to be daughter of Thomas and Sarah; she would have been born after 1777]
            - Harrison Co, VA Marriages; 29 Feb 1797: Benjamin WELCH and Mary BARTLETT, daughter of Thomas BARTLETT. If Mary were 16-18 years old at marriage she would have been born in 1779-81. She may have been a little older, because she was the oldest girl in the home, helping her mother] I estimate Mary’s birth year to be 1779 (plus or minus a year)
            - Harrison Co, VA Census 1810: Benj WELCH 1m27-45; 1f27-45 [indicates Mary was born 1765-1783]
            -Hampshire Co, VA; Census 1820: Benjamin WELCH 100201-30110 [Benj b bef 1775; wife b 1775-84]
            -Harrison Co, VA census 1830: Benjamin WELCH 0100 0001-0121 001 [Benj b 1770-80; wife b 1780-90]

      13. Richard “Dickey” BARTLETT born c1780; never married
            - Harrison Co, VA Deed 1806; Thomas BARTLETT ... Richard BARTLETT, his son, of Harrison Co ... for five shillings ... tract ... west side of the West Fork, it being a part of tract that was patented by the said Thomas BARTLETT ... [Richard was probably at least 21 by 1806, or born before 1785]. I GUESS Richard’s birth year to be 1780 (plus or minus 2-3 years.

      14. Permelia “Milly” BARTLETT born c 1781; married 1801 (at age 20) Andrew McINTIRE
            - Harrison Co, VA Marriages 8 Dec 1801 Andrew McINTIRE to Parmelia BARTLETT
            - Harrison Co, VA Census 1810: Andrew McINTIRE 1m16-26;1f27-45 [indicates Permelia was born 1765-1783] I GUESS Permelia’s birth year to be 1781 (plus or minus 2 years).

      15. Jesse BARTLETT born c1785; married 1804 (at age 19) Lucinda DAVISSON
            - Harrison Co, VA Marriages 17 May 1804 Jesse BARTLETT to Lucinda DAVISSON. If Jesse was 18-20 when he married, he would have been born 1784-1786; I estimate 1785 (plus or minus a year)
            - Harrison Co, VA Deed 1805 Deed Thomas BARTLETT to son Jessese (heir apparent) ... 200 acres ... gift of all land in Harrison Co west side West Fork River ... Plantation Thomas now and for long time has resided. [heir apparent generally indicated youngest son, who got what was left, e.g. the Plantation where Thomas BARTLETT, Sr lived]
       Harrison Co 1816 Suit helps determine order of Thomas BARTLETT children: the order of children listed in the suit may also provide clues to the birth years – I believe each group was listed according to age. I’ll note the numbers listed above beside each of the names in the suit, showing the names in the order they appear in the suit: [Complaintants] Benj. ROBINSON [0], Thomas ASBURY and wife [Elizabeth = 2]; [Defendants] William [3], Thomas [5], Benjamin [6], Rob’t [7], Sanford [11], Jesse [15] [all the living males]; Reuben STROTHER and wife Susannnah [1]; Thomas HALL and Nancy [9], his wife; Benjamin WELSH and Mary [12], his wife; and Milley McINTIRE [14] [all the living females]; John BARTLETT [4], Sarah FOWKES [8] [the deceased children with issue]. Not included in the suit were James [10], probably because he sold his interest to Benj. ROBINSON (hence the suit); and Richard “Dickey” [13] (who was deceased, unmarried and without issue at the time.) [cf Article on Harrison Co, VA 1816 Suit]
       Naming Conventions: Based on early naming conventions, the 3rd son and 3rd daughter were named after the parents. This would work for Thomas, Sr and Jr. It also works for Nancy Anne. Perhaps there was an earlier daughter named Nancy Anne who died in infancy, and they named a subsequent daughter Nancy Anne – this was not uncommon.
       To try to get more precise on the birth dates, we can line up the children in the above order, and analyze the difference in birth dates. In Colonial Virginia, mothers nursed their children, which provided a “defacto” form of birth control. An analysis of William BARTLETT’s Bible shows the difference between birth dates ranges from 1 year, 4 months, 8 days; to 2 years, 3 months, 26 days (discounting the last child at 5y8m11d), with an average of 1 year; 9 months, 20 days, or approximately 20 months between births, with some being 2-3 months earlier and some being 3 months later. We know William’s birth date in Apr 1756 from his bible – let’s use 20 months as a first try – see Trial 1 below.

Name	      married	Trial 1	Trial 2	Trial 3	Trial 4	

Thos & Anne: Susannah 12-52 4-53 early 53 Elizabeth 8-54 10-54 late 54 William c1774 4-56 4-56 4-56 4-56 4-56 from Bible ? 12-57 late 57 ? 8-59 early 59 John 11-80 4-61 10-60 late 60 Thomas Jr 12-61 mid 62 Benjamin 8-63 early 64 d4-1824 at age 60 Robert 4-65 late 65 Nancy 12-65 mid 67 Sarah 8-67 mid 69 James 8-90 4-69 early 71 ? 12-71 ? 8-73 perhaps Anne d with childbirth Thos & Sarah 1-77 Sanford 10-77 late 77 d 10-17 “in 40th year” Mary 2-97 6-79 mid 79 Richard not 2-81 died bef 1814 Permelia 01 10-81 Jesse 5-04 6-83
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