Thomas BARTLETT c1730-1806

The Harrison Co, VA 1816 Suit

by Jim Bartlett

       A lot can be gleaned from a suit recorded in the Harrison County Court in 1816. It identifies, for sure, at least 13 of Thomas BARTLETT’s children, and may provide an insight on the order of their birth.

Harrison Co, VA County Court; July term 1816:

       [0], Thomas ASBURY and wife
       [1], complaintants, against William BARTLETT
       [2], Thomas BARTLETT
       [3], Benjamin BARTLETT
       [4], Rob’t BARTLETT
       [5], Sanford BARTLETT
       [6], Jesse BARTLETT
       [7], Reuben STROTHER and wife Susannnah
       [8]; Thomas HALL and Nancy
       [9], his wife; Benjamin WELSH and Mary
       [10], his wife; and Milley McINTIRE
       [11], children heirs and demises and representatives of Thomas BATLETT, deceased; and Scarlett BARTLETT, Malinda BARTLETT, John BARTLETT, Sarah BARTLETT, Thomas BARTLETT, William BARTLETT, Daniel BARTLETT, Richard BARTLETT, Nancy BARTLETT, Mary BARTLETT, Maxwell BARTLETT, Armstrong BARTLETT and Fanny BARTLETT, children and heirs of John BARTLETT
       [12], deceased, a son, heir and devisee of said Thomas BARTLETT, deceased; and Elizabeth, Nancy, Jerrard, Mary, Richard, William, and John FOWKES, children and heirs of Sarah FOWKES
       [13], deceased, a daughter of the said Thomas BARTLETT, deceased, defendants.
       The defendants are notified to appear before a court in Clarksburg on the third Monday in October to answer said complainant’s bill. John WILSON, Jr. C.H.C.C.
       The above suit identifies at least 13 of the children of Thomas BARTLETT, Sr by his two wives, Anne and Sarah. It appears they are listed by age, within each category noted. Let’s look at each of the parties, identified by numbers in brackets [] in the suit. In most cases, there are additional records that also “prove” they were children of Thomas BARTLETT:


      0. Benjamin ROBINSON – I have found no record or indication that Benjamin ROBINSON was married to a descendant of Thomas BARTLETT. It appears his interest in this suit is because Thomas and Elizabeth ASBURY sold their share of the estate to Benjamin ROBINSON – see the references under Thomas ASBURY [1] below.
      1. Thomas ASBURY and wife [Elizabeth]–
            - Harrison Co, VA Deed in 1816: Thomas ASBURY and wife Elizabeth to Benjamin ROBINSON for $60 ... all right and share of tract adjacent to Benjamin ROBINSON, John WOOD etc. (about 800 acres) same to Elizabeth as daughter/devisee of Thomas BARTLETT dec'd.
            - Harrison Co, VA Deed in 1816: Thomas ASBURY and wife Elizabeth to Benjamin ROBINSON for $10 ... all undivided share of Elizabeth's tract (about 200 acres on West Fork River adjacent to John WOODS) same land of Richard BARTLETT dec'd to his brothers and sisters.
            - Fauquier Co, VA Marriage 1771: Sanford CARRELL and Thomas BARTLETT for marriage of Sanford to Betty BARTLETT, daughter of Thomas, Thomas BARTLETT bondsman
            - Fauquier Co, VA 1777: Will of Sanford CARROLL of Parish of Leeds: wife Elizabeth ...; [Elizabeth later married Thomas ASBURY];

Living (1816) Sons of Thomas BARTLETT:

      2. William BARTLETT
            - Fauquier Co, VA 1779 Deed of Gift: Thomas BARTLETT of Leeds Parrish to son William BARTLETT for natural love and affection ... tract ... 104 acres. Signed Thomas BARTLETT
      3. Thomas BARTLETT
            - Harrison Co, VA 1805 Deed of Gift: Thomas BARTLETT ... for love good will and affection which I have and do bare towards my loving Son Thomas BARTLETT, Junr, of the County of Monongalia ... do freely give ...
      4. Benjamin BARTLETT
            - Harrison Co, VA Deed 1804; William BARKLEY, Sr grants Power of Attorney to son William and Micajah BARKLEY also sons-in-law John BARTLETT and Demsy P CARROL, and Benjamin BARTLETT, brother to said John. [proves Benjamin to be son of Thomas by being a brother of John, who was son of Thomas]
      5. Robert BARTLETT
            - Harrison Co, VA Deed 1787: Thomas BARTLETT, Sr and wife Sarah to son Robert ... 200 acres on West fork of Monongalia River for 5 pounds; Sig Thomas (x) BARTLETT and Sarah BARTLETT
      6. Sanford BARTLETT
            - Harrison Co, VA Deed 1805: Thomas BARTLETT of Harrison Co, VA to Sanford BARTLETT, his son...
      7. Jesse BARTLETT
            - Harrison Co, VA Deed 1805: Thomas BARTLETT to son Jessese (heir apparent) ... 200 acres ... gift of all land in Harrison Co west side West Fork River ... Plantation Thomas now and for long time has resided.

Living (1816) Daughters of Thomas BARTLETT:

      8. Susannah, wife of Reuben STROTHER
            [the STROTHERs remained in Fauquier Co, VA when the BARTLETTs moved to Harrison Co in 1785]
      9. Nancy, wife of Thomas HALL
            - Harrison Co, VA Deed 1798: Thomas BARTLETT to his daughter Anne HALL of Nelson Co, KY ... a Negro slave woman named Abigail, then to her daughter Elizabeth HALL; Sig: Thomas BARTLETT
      10. Mary, wife of Benjamin WELCH
            - Harrison Co, VA Marriages 1797: Benjamin WELCH and Mary BARTLETT, daughter of Thomas BARTLETT
      11. Milley McINTIRE
            - Harrison Co, VA Marriages 1801 Andrew McINTIRE to Parmelia BARTLETT Deceased (1816) Son of Thomas BARTLETT:
      12. John BARTLETT (13 living children named in the suit)
            - Harrison Co, VA Inventory 1804 of John BARTLETT; Admin by Anna BARTLETT; Appraisers: Benj WILSON, Benj COPLIN and Maxwell ARMSTRONG; notes on hand ... Sanford BARTLETT, William BARKLEY Deceased (1816) Daugher of Thomas BARTLETT:
      13. Sarah FOWKES (7 living children named in the suit) Not named in the above suit (1816):
      14. Richard BARTLETT [note: Richard had died before 1814, without children, and his siblings split his estate]
            - Harrison Co, VA Deed 1806: Thomas BARTLETT ... Richard BARTLETT, his son, of Harrison Co ...
            - Harrison Co, VA Deed 1814: Sanford BARTLETT, late of Harrison Co, to Andrew McINTIRE ... 200 acres west side West Fork River ... for $100; same tract conveyed to Richard BARTLETT, dec’d, by Thomas BARTLETT dec’d by deed 4 Jan 1806, lately descended to Sanford and others by death of Richard
      15. James BARTLETT [note: James is an enigma, with only one record found to tie him to Thomas BARTLETT, Sr.]
            - Harrison Co, VA Deed 1807: James BARTLETT and wife Sarah to Demcy P CARROLL ... 129 acres West Fork River, adjacent to Joseph WOOD & heirs of Thomas BARTLETT, dec’d ... for $900 [this shows circumstantial evidence that James may have had property that was part of Thomas BARTLETT estate – RESEARCH: How did James acquire this land??]
            - Harrison Co, VA Deed 1838: James BARTLETT to Wm E LYONS, John TURNER, John B DINHAM for $40, his part of estate of Thomas BARTLETT in 2 tracts, 840 acres and 208 acres, adjoining Stephen ALLEN & Starling BARTLETT. [this is only record I have found “proving” James to be a son of Thomas BARTLETT]
      I don’t know why James BARTLETT is not included in the 1816 Suit as an heir of Thomas BARTLETT – the only explanation I can think of is that he might have sold his share to Benjamin ROBINSON like his sister, Elizabeth, did.

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