by Nancy Wells
© 2010

     I remember as a child growing up that my mother loved Christmas. She loved doing and giving to others and she did this all year round, not just at Christmas. We lived on a farm. My mother never spent much money during the, but at Christmas time she always put money back for me and my brothers to buy some Christmas presents to put under the tree. We always went shopping on the first day of deer season. My brothers went to the mountains to hunt and we went to Lewistown to shop. My mother did the shopping and I took the presents back to the car. Even though I was with her, I never knew what she got me. My mother was very good at hiding things. After the shopping was done, we took a day to bake cookies. On Christmas Eve we would have the Buckleys up for supper because they had no children and no relatives nearby. They were lots of fun. We put the tree up one week before Christmas and then took it down New Years Day. On Christmas Day we went to one of the relativesí for dinner with all the families. I miss my mother a lot during this Holiday season. But, I can see her smiling face. Today my brothers and I and my nephews get together and have a nice meal. We always think about mother and how she enjoyed Christmas. Thereís one thing my mother always made sure of. That Christmas was not about the gifts we received. What we really received at Christmas was Jesus Christ. We are celebrating his birthday and always remember that is why we truly celebrate Christmas everything else is just extra.

     I also remember that one year my mother made a cake and put a candle on it for our Christmas meal at the Church. She set it on the table and never said a word. She would let us think about it. After the meal, my mother always had a little program. She had the Christmas Story, poems and games and she asked the people to help do some of the readings. She told us that the cake was for Jesus that we are celebrating Jesusís birthday. Then she lit the candle and we sang happy birthday to Him, Christmas is really not about the presents we receive even though they are nice. And we are thankful for them. My mother always reminded us to remember that the most important thing about Christmas is we Jesusís birthday; at and at Church and Sunday School Jesus is the real reason for Christmas. After the Christmas my mother always had a birthday cake for Jesus. Hereís a thought Ė would we celebrate Christmas today if Jesus were not born? What does Christmas mean to you? Remember that we celebrate Christmas because Jesus was born. Merry Christmas Jesus and Merry Christmas to everyone and a Happy New year

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