Six Generations of Davisson Family
Part IV
Submitted by Diane Zimmerman

      Andrew Davisson and Elizabeth (pos.) Robinson Andrew Davisson was b. abt. 1722 at Wading River, Suffolk, Long Island, New York to Josiah Davisson and Mary Skelton. He d. bet. 1802 and 1811 in , Greenup, Kentucky.

1 ) He md. Caroline Stuart who died in 1746 after the birth st of her child, Andrew Jr., in 1746.
2 ) He md. abt. 1748, Elizabeth (pos. Robinson) born abt. nd 1722 at Morristown, Morris, New Jersey. She died 12 Mar 1768 in , Greenup, Kentucky.
Children: Emelia, Mary, Joseph, John, Hannah, Sarah and Josiah or Long Si.

      Andrew Davisson, Sr. was still a child when he moved with his parents to the Millstone River in New Jersey. Deeds in the office of the Secretary of State of New Jersey reveal Andrew Davisson Sr. had two wives. I am a descendant of the second marriage. Andrew Sr. had been provided lands by his father before the date of his will (1759) so was only bequeathed twenty shillings. Sometime after the death of his father he sold his lands in New Jersey and removed to Virginia, where his brother James was residing in what is now Rockingham County. He was baptized on 8 Aug 1772 at the Smith and Linville Creek Baptist church in Rockingham County so he had evidently been there prior to settling in Harrison County. An Andrew Davisson was involved in the political efforts in New Jersey to establish a country independent of England. According to records in the New Jersey archives: “On January 16, 1775, Andrew Davison was one of the Jersey committee that met at New Brunswick for Middlesex County to consider matters proposed by the Continental Congress. He represented Windsor Township.” This probably isn’t this Andrew Davisson unless he retained property in New Jersey and came back after making tomahawk improvements in Harrison County in 1773. He could have remained in New Jersey until his land in Harrison County was formally certified 1781. When his tomahawk claim was certified, Andrew Sr. received four-hundred acres on the east side of Elk Creek opposite the land of his nephew, Daniel Davisson. According to Harrison County records, he took only one claim, but his son, Andrew Davisson, Jr. received three claims totaling 1,800 acres. Both Andrew Sr. and Jr. owned land in Harrison County so it is very easy to get the two confused. One of them served on the first grand jury held in Harrison County with Aaron Smith, my 5 gr. th grandfather, in November of 1784. Only one Andrew Davisson is included in the list of tithables (taxpayers) in 1785. In 1789, he was chosen as one of the twenty man election panel to vote for the first president of the United States, George Washington. Andrew Sr. apparently had a very itchy foot because, sometime after 1789, he and Elizabeth along with his son Josiah and his nephew, Josiah, son of Amaziah, and their wives removed to Mason (later Greenup) County, Kentucky. This was at an age when most of us wouldn’t consider leaving our rocking chairs. Here, family legend has it, he died. The exact date is not known. He signed a deed in Greenup County, dated August 14, 1802, but was not mentioned on the census list for that county in 1811 so he probably died between those dates.

      Andrew Jr. was born 25 May 1746 on Millstone River, near Princeton, New Jersey and died. 4 Mar 1782. He married Anne Coplin or Copeland. They became permanent residents of Bridgeport in Harrison County. He received a certificate for four-hundred acres of land in the right of residence in 1774, to include his improvements thereon at Thompson Run, a branch of Simpson Creek. He was captain in the 14th Virginia Infantry (1776-1779). Some of his land was appropriated for Simpson Creek Baptist Church and Bridgeport Cemetery, where he is buried. Andrew Sr.’s son, Josiah, returned from Greenup County, Kentucky to Harrison County, and he is my ancestor.


1. Emelia Davisson (b. 9 Nov 1749 Millstone River, Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey)
2. Mary Davisson (b. 20 Jul 1752 Millstone River, Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey)
3. Joseph Davisson ( b. 9 Jul 1754 Millstone River, Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey) sp. Mary Burns (b. abt. 1754 Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey)
4. John Davisson (b. 17 Oct 1757 Millstone River, Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey) sp. Mary Thompson
5. Hannah Davisson ( b. 14 Feb 1764 Millstone River, Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey)
6. Sarah Davisson (b. 14 Feb 1764 Millstone River, Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey)
sp. Samuel Shinn (b.1763 in , , New Jersey; md. 1785)
7. Josiah or Long Si Davisson (b. 1765 , Burlington, New Jersey; d. 1855 Rock Camp Run, Harrison, Virginia) sp. Lucretia or Annie Shinn (b. 1765 Burlington, New Jersey; md. 7 Jun 1788; d. 1855 Rock Camp Run, Harrison, Virginia)

To be continued in Part V
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