Six Generations of Davisson Family
Part V
Submitted by Diane Zimmerman


      Josiah `Long Si’ Davisson and Lucretia Annie’ Shinn Josiah or Long Si Davisson was b. 4 Oct 1767 at Millstone River, Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey, son of Andrew and Elizabeth Davisson. He d. Mar 1845 at Rock Camp Run, Harrison, Virginia.

      He md. Lucretia or Annie Shinn on 7 Jun 1788 in , Harrison, Virginia. She was b. abt. 1765 in Burlington, New Jersey, dau. of Benjamin Shinn and Anne Reese, and d. in 1855 at Rock Camp Run.

      Children: Samuel Shinn, Malpy or Maply, Elizabeth, Andrew, Lucretia, Hannah, Sarah, John Benjamin, Mary or Polly and Rebecca.

      To further add to the confusion, there were two Josiah Davissons of the same age, living in Harrison County (and for a while, in Kentucky) at the same time, who married Shinn sisters with the similar names of Annie and Amy. The situation was partly resolved by nicknaming them ‘Long Si’ and ‘Short Si’. My Josiah ‘Long Si’ married Lucretia or Annie Shinn in 1785 while the other Josiah married Amy Shinn in 1788. Short Si and Amy are both buried in the Davisson Cemetery in Greenup County. It wouldn’t have helped very much to call them Josiah, son of Andrew, and Josiah, son of Amaziah because their father’s names were also similar.

      At least three other Josiah Davissons were also living in the county at the same time. A Josiah Davisson, son of John B. and Rachel Davisson, and his wife Sarah Smith (my gr. aunt) owned 92 acres on Indian Run. On 9 Aug 1858 he sold this tract to Eli Hurst. He also owned 50 acres on Dog Run at the lower end of Salem where he died in 1894.

      Obediah Davisson also had a son named Josiah who was in Harrison County at this time. He was to married Martha Stout. They lived on Brushy Fork of Elk Creek. Earlier they were on the West fork, five miles south of Clarksburg, opposite the mouth of Brown’s Creek. The fifth Josiah Davisson lived in Wallace and died there in 1911. He was rather wealthy, for in his will, dated 30 August 1911, he left $5,000 to his wife and $10,000 to each of his three daughters and a granddaughter (Harrison Co. Will Book 9, p. 44). It’s my guess that he got at least part of his money as income from the oil wells that were so abundant in Wallace in the early 1900s. I think that this Josiah Davisson might have come to Wallace from Center Point, Doddridge County.

      Long Si was supposed to be in the War of 1812 as a Private in the 5th Virginia Regiment. I found a Josiah Davisson's pension record in National Archives for War of 1812 but there wasn't enough information to tell if it's this Josiah. His records had been mixed up with a Joseph Davisson and there were probably more than one Josiah from the same area. The only way to determine which was who would be if wives or parents were listed. The original records were burned when they were sent to Clarksburg and the Federal Clerk's office burned. He would have been 45 in 1812 which is rather old to be a soldier but others have done so. His son-in-law, Isaac Smith, served for less than a month in this war and received a pension so it’s possible. Josiah was granted several acres of land by the Commonwealth of Virginia, which could have been for service. He and Annie owned several hundred acres of land on Aaron Smith’s Run and Rock Camp Run at one time or another. They moved back from Kentucky and lived their later years on Rock Camp Run. Their daughter, Mary ‘Polly’ Davisson, was born while they were in Kentucky but, fortunately, didn’t marry until she met Isaac Smith, a neighbor on Smith Run.

      Page 11 of the History of Greenup County, Kentucky, states: Josiah Davidson (known as Short Si) was the next settler, with two children, Reuben and Jesse. This family moved to the East Fork of Little Sandy. Next above settled Steven Colvin, whose son, John married Margaret Davidson. Josiah Davidson (known as Long Si) settled next and his children were Lizzie, Maply, and Samuel. They did not remain long and William Roby moved here. Greenup County was formed from Mason County in 1804. On page 19 of the above book is a record of a court held on the 20 day of th February, 1804, in Greenup County. “Thereupon a court was held for the County of Greenup, agreeable to an act, establishing a new county out of Mason County. Josiah Davidson produced a commission from the governor appointing him Sheriff of Greenup County. Whereupon he took the necessary oath and entered into bond with Jesse Boone and Reuben Rucker, his securities, as the law directs.” So, Josiah Davisson became the first sheriff of Greenup County. He and Annie signed a deed in Mason County in February of 1800 wherein they sold some land to John Ficklen for $494.33. A Josiah Davisson is included in the 1811 Greenup County census. Unfortunately, I don’t know which Josiah this is for sure but the one in the census is probably Short Si as this is the only Josiah listed. Long Si must have moved back to Harrison County by that time.

      There is an inscription on a monument erected in Olive Branch cemetery to the memory of John B. Davisson, that reads, in part, “son of Josiah who owned vast acreage on Rock Camp”. I couldn’t find any record that he ever owned more than 100 acres on Rock Camp. This was divided among his heirs in his will. He did own much more acreage on Smith Run, a branch of Aaron Smith Run on Simpson’s Creek which he slowly sold off. His son-in-law, Isaac Smith did own vast acreage at Rock Camp over a thousand acres.


1.Samuel Shinn Davisson (b. 20 Oct 1789 , Harrison, Virginia; d. 7 Mar 1863 , Clinton, Ohio) sp. Deborah Shinn (b. 7 Jul 1793 , Harrison, Virginia; md. 19 Apr 1812; d. 25 Mar 1868 , Clinton, Ohio)
2.Malpy or Maply Davisson (b. abt 1791 , Harrison, Virginia)
3.Elizabeth Davisson (b. abt 1793 , Harrison, Virginia)
4.Andrew Davisson (b. abt 1794 , Harrison, Virginia; d. 7 Dec 1862 Haysville, Dubois, Indiana) sp. Bridget Haley (b. abt. 1795; md. 22 Feb 1814; d. abt 1843 Wilkesville, Vinton, Ohio)
5.Lucretia Davisson (b. abt 1795 , Mason or Greenup, Kentucky) sp. Franklin Boaner, md. 29 Nov 1817
6.Hannah Marie Davisson (b. 17 Oct 1796 , Greenup, Kentucky; d. 20 Mar 1858 Vincennes, Knox, Indiana) sp. John Smith (md. 4 Nov 1813 , Harrison, Virginia)
7.Sarah Davisson (b. 1798 , Greenup, Kentucky; d. Oct 1856 Rock Camp Run, Harrison, Virginia)
8.John Benjamin Davisson (b. 2 Oct 1798 , Greenup, Kentucky; d. 2 Mar 1879 Grass Run, Harrison, West Virginia) sp. Martha or Patsy Bailey (md. 20 Mar 1826 , Harrison, Virginia) 9.Mary or Polly Davisson (b. 22 Dec 1799 , Greenup, Kentucky;
d. 9 Nov 1882 Rock Camp Run, Harrison, West Virginia) sp. Captain Isaac Smith, Lower Simpson Creek, Harrison, Virginia; (b. 15 Jan 1796 Simpsons Creek, Harrison, Virginia; md. 16 Jan 1818 d. 23 Jan 1884 Rock Camp Run, Harrison, West Virginia)
10.Rebecca Davisson (b. abt 1801 , Greenup, Kentucky; d. 9 Nov 1882) sp. James Cox (md. 29 Jan 1825 , Harrison, Virginia)

To be continued in Part VI
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