(Written January 4, 2009)
Loose Ends

       It is just another one of those Sunday afternoons, sitting around relaxing and watching a little TV regardless of content or interest. I have finished reading the Sunday Newspaper, nothing there except bad news.

       What will I do? Maybe I will get out some old family records and double check to see if there is anything I can add to my data files. Maybe I will hit a few Genealogy Sites on the Internet and see if there has been something added since I last looked. First I will check my email and see what new spam has been sent to me.

       I click on my email and there is an email from Ruby to David and myself letting us know that she had gotten information from Bill about the passing of a fellow Society Member, Rebecca J. DelFrate in May 2008.

       I am a fairly new member of the HCGS so I did not have the opportunity to meet or know Rebecca. The members that did know Rebecca may have wanted to either drop a note or express condolences to her family, but they feel it may be to late.

       This brings to mind, who would I want to know if I just passed one day and no one knew until months after the fact that I was gone. We should all give some thought that we are a member of a larger family, more than just the relatives around us. Would your extended family, such as, Clubs, Societies, Fraternal Organization or even those Internet list to which we belong miss us. Some of us have Web Sites, either large and complex or just a few notes and pictures for friends and family. What happens to all those loose ends we leave when we are gone.

       This comes to the point I am trying to make. Do you have instructions that you have put to paper, either legally registered and filed or just a note to a loved one that will have the responsibility to take care of your loose ends?

       It takes very little time to just sit on one of these lazy Sunday afternoons to just take pencil or pen in hand, or even sit down to the computer or typewriter and type a short note and list all of your interests you have pursued and let someone know the names of the organizations and contact information that you want to be notified in case of your untimely death. It comes to all of us, so don’t just say, I will do that one of these days. One of these days, has come and gone for many of our friends and relatives. Genealogists should recognize this as problems they have listed as their “brick walls”.

       You should try to write down all the names, passwords etc. that would be needed so friends and acquaintances could be notified. Remember, usernames and passwords are very important in this day and age. Do you maintain a Web Site? It and all the work you have put into it will just disappear when the payment is not received by your “Host” and the Web Site just goes into the world of “Error! That Site can not be found”, and everyone wonders, where did it go?

       Individuals interested in Genealogy and the history of their family who have that burning desire to know where did I come from would know you should leave tracks even after those steps stop. We try to make our mark in life, but isn’t it a shame when those marks become only stains in history.

       Now remember, I need stories to be placed on the Harrison County Genealogical Society Web Site. Everyone is important or even interesting to many that visit the Web Site. Remember, make that list and give it to a friend or relative, and write a story. Stories live on forever!

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