Harrison County Genealogical Society
August 14, 2007
Nutterfort, WV

      The Harrison County Genealogical Society, Clarksburg, WV, held their annual picnic this evening in the Maple Shelter at Norwood Park.

      We want to thank Diana Johnson, Betty & Darrell Waugh for putting it all together.

      It's good to get together for this annual picnic and there is always an abundance of good food and fellowship with one another.

      Grace was given by Darrell Waugh, president.

      Entertainment was by David Story of Morgantown, WV. He said being a transplant from Indiana one of the first songs he had to learn was "Country Roads."

      Those in attendance were Ted Wolfe, Betty Rinehart, Retta Jean West, Dick & Joan Wilt, Paul & Patti Hickman, Darrell & Betty Waugh, Bob & Ruby Casto, Robert "Bobby" Casto, Patricia Dennison, Annie Sutter, Polly Dennison, Susan Dennison, Bertha Webb, Diana Johnson & David Story.

      Those from out of town were, Patricia & Bud Villenave, from GA., Betty Williams from Fl., Rhonda Riley and Ethan Plant from CA.

      We missed the ones that usually come and want to let you know that you were thought of and missed.

      Bob really didn't feel like going but he had asked about it, and we told him we would take him.

      Now we will have to start planning for our Christmas dinner which will be here before you know it.

     I left one person out that attended the picnic and that was our librarian, David Houchin. I had 24 people listed on my paper and that is what I put in my message. However there were 25, Dick Wilt did not sign the list. Sorry about that David.

I wasn't doing a good job because I forgot to take pictures of all of the hard workers that put out all the good food and cleaned up after all of use. Thank you and I am sorry I missed you.

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