HCGS Annual Picnic

August 12, 2008

Notes by Ruby

       The Harrison County Genealogical Society held their annual picnic this date at the Clarksburg City Park (Norwood Park) with 16 people in attendance. I'm sure by tomorrow Dick Wilt, webmaster, will have pictures on the website.

       A great big thanks to Diana Johnson, Darrell & Betty Waugh for all of their work putting it together. Betty had done the hamburgers and hotdogs at home and brought them in a roaster already cooked. They tried every socket in that shelter trying to get the crockpots and roaster hooked up to electric without any results.

       There was plenty of good food and we all enjoyed just sitting around talking with one another.

       Those in attendance were: Dick & Joan Wilt, Betty & Darrell Waugh, Paul "Perk" & Patti Hickman, Alice Ashcraft Hall, Diana Johnson, Ruby Casto, Betty Williams from Florida, David Houchin, Bertha Webb, Betty Rinehart, Retta Jean West, Louise Righman and Wilma Durnall.

       We missed several of our regulars and we know that some of you are just not up to coming and I'm sure that you were mentioned.


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