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Photos from the
Past and Present

Submitted by Sharon Bramhall received from Thomas A. Sprouse, Medina, Ohio

Submitted by Sharon Bramhall received from Thomas A. Sprouse, Medina, Ohio

Does anyone know any information on these pictures. They may be WPA Sewing Clubs. The WPA was istablished in 1935 under FDR's new deal to employ men and women until the WPA was desolved in 1943 during WWII when there was an abondance of employment.

Left to Right
Virginia Sprouse, Patti Hickman, and Sue Moore at the Harrison County Genealogical Society 20th Anniversary Celebration held at the Caperton Center of Fairmont State College in Clarksburg, WV

Waldomore 1977
Submitted by Freddie Layman


Where have all the children gone? Take a look! Maybe you will find your long lost grandparent! The photo was taken at the East View Grade School located on top of the hill between Stop 9 and Stop 10. It is either the first or second grade class. Indecisive because it was the teacher's first year of teaching and she failed the entire first grade. Looking at the 1936 Roosevelt Wilson graduation class, the only members of this 1st or 2nd grade class were: Willard (Pete) Elliott; Teresa Moscar, Ethel Hammond, and Marie Hogue. Original owner Marie Hogue (Caldwell)who still lives on Stop 9, East View. Submitted by Ethel Neilson.

Starting with the top of the picture, they are:
Top Center Millicent Pastorious
Fifth Row Sylvia Moore,    Marguerite Barnhart
Fourth Row McKimmie McIntyre,   Teresa Moscar,    Ethel Hammond,    Geneva Simmons,    Harlan Kuffner
Third Row Hazel Oldaker,    Gladys Swisher,    John Moscar,    Willard (Pete) Elliott,    Robert Layton,    Charles Cheveront
Second Row Roy Cain,    Curtis Long,    Gail Messenger,    Ina Proctor,    Ronald Reed
Front Row Joe Yanick,    Earl Swiger,    Delbert Cottrill,    Madeline Casto,    Marie Hogue,    Grace Reed,   Dorothy Lynch

Submitted by: Ethel Neilson

Taken in France in 1917.
Left to Right:
P.H. Jones, Box 235 Farmington, W.Va.;   
E.R. Hammond, Scottdale, W.Va.;   
C. A. Heusel, 9th Sycamore Ave., Elm Grove, W.Va.;
D.D. Cordell, Shell Creek, Tenn.;   
L.W. Hall, Roan Mitsey, Tenn.:   
Elmer Halstead, Tornado, W.Va.;

Barbara Hamilton in front of Waldomore at the
Civil War reenactment and encapment on June 16, 1990.

Picture of Ruby at the Waldomore during a Civil War reenactment
and encampment on June 16, 1990.
The black skirt that I have on belonged to my maternal grandmother Susan (DRAIN) Martin Crites. She died in 1924 and my mother kept the skirt and I still have it and it will be passed onto one of my two granddaughters. My Aunt Bertha Carder also wore it when Parson Souders had Gold Rush Days.

Costa & Paraskevi Codish, circa 1950
Courtesy of Marye Codish

Codish house at 50 Lewis Street (Summit Park) Clarksburg
(now site of Compton Bowling Lanes)

Rogers picture submitted by Roger William Hores
Left to Right
1. Elma Arthelia Swiger Rogers (b. 1867), 2. Georgia Evis Rogers (b. 1894), 3. Al Judson Rogers (b. 1869), 4. Fannie Elizabeth Rogers (b. 1896) 5. Charles Judson Rogers (b. 1909), 6. Dora Gladys Rogers (b. 1899), 7. Lostia Jesse Rogers (b. 1901), 8. Mamie Maud Rogers (b. 1906) mother of Roger William Hores.

Left to Right
1. Fred Rogers, Owner/Operator "Rogers Fast Freight"  
2. Curtis Rogers, "Dairy Farm, Dola, WV"
3. Atley Earl Rogers, "Farmer, Jones Run".
4. Gordon Allen Rogers
Barbara Wilt Rogers, widow of Fred N. Rogers, son of Fred Rogers lives on the Rogers' Farm located near Dola, WV.

Blanche is a member of the
Harrison County Genealogical Society.

Picture from Clarksburg Exponent/Telegram Sunday, December 16, 2007

Elvira Morrow Collection © 2008
The picture is of the United Brethren Parsonage located at Peora, WVa
The Minister was Rev. S.M. Snider
Date of Tin Type prior to 1900

Believe that some of these individuals my be from Harrison County. The picture was taken at the Fetterman Church in Grafton. Circa 1940 Would appreciate if any one is recognized. Contact Dee Tremayne

Believe that this picture is a group from the Fairmont Bottle Plant. Delbert Tucker is standing in back in front of the little white house. Would appreciate if any one can recognize any members of this group.
Contact Dee Tremayne

This picture is of a group from Enterprise sent in by Dave Kuhl

Ritter Home located on Grass Run, Harrison County, WV.

Picture features many of the Ritter family including Paul's grandparents, Capt. John & Nancy Jane Morris Ritter, front & center, on the first floor of porch. Others are Paul's aunts & uncles and a few tiny cousins of the Robt. and America Ritter Davisson family seated in front. Don't know who the teenagers are on the downstairs left of porch. Paul's mother, Ollie Ritter Maxwell is not in this particular Ritter reunion picture......neither is his father, Wm. Maxwell. Both the Maxwell as well as the Hiram Lynch family were not attending that day........Susie Lynch, Ollie's sister, was terribly ill that day..... both families stayed home......Ollie for the purpose of taking care of her sister. In the picture, the hired man, Orestes Woodford Nay, holding the horse in the foreground, was sent to represent the Lynch family at the reunion on Grass Run. Info: H.W. Lynch

Captain John Michael Ritter m. Nancy Jane Morris. He b. 1822 and d. 1917, she b. 1834 and d. 1909. John's older brother was Timothy, whom we believe could be the elderly man sitting by the coat that is up on the porch wall.
Timothy d. 1903, so the picture was taken prior to his death. Also, John's youngest son, Dr. Dakon Edmund Ritter was m. to Belva Swiger on July 27, 1902. This picture could be a family gathered for their wedding, or possibly a Ritter family reunion between 1900 and 1904.
If it is a marriage possibly the bride and groom are the ones on the upper porch on the far left - since she is dressed in white.

John and Nancy had 11 children

Samuel b. 1856 m. Virginia Stier
America b. 1858 m. Robert Davisson
Revecca b. 1861 m. Robert Carter
Albert E. b. 1863 went to Iowa and is not in the picture
George b. 1864 m. Almira Davisson
Alexander b. 1865 m. Allie Fitz Gerald
Weightman b. 1867 m. Mary Ella Kile
Susan b. 1869 m. Hiram Lynch
Ollie m. William Maxwell

For more information and to help with naming individuals in the photo, please contact:
Kathryn Hall   or   Hiram Lynch

Picture of Clothesline as found on a farm. This is the type that was discussed as being seen today on Amish and Mennonite farms throughout Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania

Submitted by Jean Binns Smith

Members attending Saturday, March 6, 2010 meeting
First Saturday meeting of WVHCGS

Starting with the bottom of the picture, they are:
Submitted by Freddie Layman
First Row: L-R:    Lucille Barker, Freddie Layman, Victoria Bartosh, Lois Nutter, Tony Capozzi, Louie Talerico, Catherine Edwards, Mary Talerico, Eugene Jacobs, Helen Summers, Sammy Talerico, Eileen Reese, Edna Gowers and Rose Marie Fazalare.
Second Row: L-R: James Burger, Andrew Stanton, Mildred Lawlis, Alberta Pitzer, Marvin Matthews, Joe Cavarillo, Betty Carpenter, Mildred Plivelich.
Third Row: L-R: David Newbrough, Sam Bitonti, Berdell Haney, Mary Alice Galvin, Junior Toms, John Newbrough, Katy Fratt and Margaret Ellen Shawhan.
Fourth Row: L-R: Charles Fox, Flo Cobb, John Barberio, Ruth Fittro (Teacher), Juanita Radcliff and Ina Marie Leuliette.

Virginia and John Nuzum

Can anyone identify anyone in the below pictures?

Manhattan Restaurant on Pike Street and beside it is Conklin's Clothing Store

Possible Manhattan Restaurant

Submitted by: Bill French
“Frog Pond” School

Proper name for this school was Sheet’s Mill Independent Lee School #2. Sometimes called East Milford School but always called “Frog Pond.”

Men in window, left to right
Jacob Fox, Early Lee, John Lowther

Back row, left to right
Sam Floyd, Art Sheets, Tyhad Sullivan, Etta Cotterill, Janet Lee, Opal Thornberry (1), Alda Cottrill (2), West Moffette, Claire Moffette, Willie Floyd (girl).

Middle row, left to right
Cleopas “Clee” Myers, Earl Cottrill (3), Nathan Moffette, Hattie Holmes, Earl Israel, (now goes back a little) Ulma Thornbery (4), Laura Moffette, Mollie Floyd, Brena Holmes, Harry Sheets.

Next row, left to right
Raymond Floyd, Martha Floyd, Annie Fox, Carrie Israel, Hazel Sheets, Jetty Floyd (she is just above Mr. K’s head), Earl Sheets, Ray Richards.

Front row, left to right
Dorsey (SOC) Myers, Thair Camp (?), Gay Myers, Mattie Israel, Adie Moffette, Maergurite Israel (at left of Mr. K’s head), Margaret Lee (right of Mr. K’s head).

At left of Mr. K. is Johnny Myers.
At right of Mr. K. is Roscoe (short) Moffette, Cody Camp, Irisa Fox, Mary Fox.
Picture was taken last day of school, April 6, 1900 by M. G. Stillierau (?), Lost Creek.
Arlo C. Kennedy, teacher also in class but not in picture were: Clyde Rucker, Floyd Wolfe, Fay, Alta, Orpha and Etta Towther.

Four generations of Cottrills.

Luther Cottrill seated (on Right), Henry Cottrill seated (on Left), Earle Waitman Cottrill holding son, Otis LeRoy, and his wife Ulma Lorne (Thornberry) Cottrill.
I estimate the picture must have been taken around 1912, due to the age on Otis, born 02 Jul 1910.

I received this picture reproduced from a "tin type" photo by the cousin of Kathryn Hall and she would like to know if anyone would be able to identify the couple in the picture. She feels that it may be her great grand father, John Kyle and his 1st wife Mary "Polly" Watkins Kyle. John was married twice and had a total of 14 children. Possibly a descendant of John Kyle will be able to identify the couple. Please let us know who the couple is either by emailing me at WebMaster or put your information on the Rootsweb list

I received this picture from Marilyn Lynch with the notation:
Could this have been known in its day as "Salem Academy?" One is Dr. Ritter......the other is Edmond Ritter Lynch, my dad's older brother.

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