Nine Generations of Pioneer Families
Part II
Submitted by Ethel Nielsen

      Simon Bradstreet and Ann Dudley had a daughter named Mercy, born 1647-1691. Mercy Bradstreet married Nathaniel Wade October 31, 1673. They had a daughter Abigail who married John Loofbourrow (1692-1749) before Oct. 3, 1710 according to the First Presbyterian Church records in Woodbridge, N.J. John was a cooper and resided in Perth Amboy where in died in 1749, possibly by accident. The brevity of his will, which was written on a torn scrap of paper indicates that it was written in extremis: "All my estate to be at my wife's disposal. Eldest son, Wade, 5 shillings.” John Loofbourrow and Abigail Wade’s son, John Wade Loofbourrow (1746-1824) married Mary Hoff (1746-1814) in 1767 John Wade’s grandfather came to Perth Amboy in 1684 on the ship "Thomas and Benjamin" that sailed from Scotland in Feb. 1685. He was living in Woodbridge, N.J. on Oct. 7, 1686 when he leased a gristmill from Samuel Moore. He was a Quaker and an active member of that group.

      He served as Private in the 8th Battalion, Captain James YOUNG’S Company commanded by Col. Abraham SMITH in 1779. He resided in the County of Cumberland, Guilford Township, Pennsylvania. (Pennsylvania Archives, Series V, Vol. 6, p. 549, Cumberland County, Penn.).

      John Wade Loofbourrow married Mary Hoff before arriving in Clarksburg, Harrison County (now WV). He was a Baptist Minister and joined the Simpson Creek Baptist Church in Harrison County. ( The William Davis family were also members of Simpson Creek Church). He is mentioned frequently in their church records. In 1788 he was one of the messengers from the Church to the annual Redstone Association. He married many couples and served the area of Clarksburg and Harrison County for many years He purchased land on the West Fork River for 90 pounds. It has been said the land was where the Veterans Hospital in Clarksburg was built. In 1807 a deed shows the land sold to Adam Hickman for $1,133.25.

      John Wade Loofbourrow was one of the subscribers appointed by the Court of Harrison County to prepare a plan for the new courthouse in 1787. He is also listed on the names of those who voted for an elector, agreeable to an act of General Assembly passed at Richmond, in October, 1788 for the purposes therein contained. At this election, George WASHINGTON was elected President. (William Davis and his son Joseph William also voted in this election).

      John Wade and his family went to Ross County, Ohio where, on July 17, 1813, he organized a Baptist Church at Waterloo, Fayette Co Ohio. John Wade died 1814 near Waterloo and is buried in the Mesmore Cemetery, Monroe Township, Pickway County, Ohio. John Wade and Mary Hoff had eleven children, one was called Sarah. John Harbert and father Thomas Sarah Loofbourrow (1773-1862), daughter of John Wade and Mary Hoff married John Harbert July 22, 1789. Sarah’s sister Abagail married Samuel, John’s brother. John was six years old when his father Thomas Harbert (1734-1778) moved, around 1775, to the West Fork of the Monongahela River in Harrison County to a place called Jones Run. Thomas built a two-story blockhouse with port-holes for guns and the blockhouse was intended to be used by the settlers as refuge from Indian attacks.

      In 1778, four families had taken refuge in the blockhouse when word spread there were Indians in the area. “John Murphy stepped to the door to see if danger had really approached when one of the Indians fired a shot. The ball took effect and Murphy fell back into the house. The Indian, springing directly in, was grappled by Harbert (Thomas) and thrown on the floor. A shot from without, wounded Harbert, yet he continued to maintain his advantage…when another shot was fired …the ball passed through his head, and he fell lifeless…Of the whites in the house, only one was killed (Thomas Harbert) and four were wounded; one Indian killed and two wounded. Seven or eight children were killed or taken prisoners.” Page 238, Chronicles of Border Warfare by Withers.

      Thomas Harbert was married to Isabel Wright in Shrewsbury, New Jersey in 1758. Some researchers say Thomas was a descendent of Lord Philip Herbert and Lady Susan Vere, who were married in England in 1640. If it is ever proven he is the son of Walter and Bridget, Thomas would be the 4th great grandson of Lord Herbert, according to page 33 in Diane Zimmerman’s book, As American as Apple Pie. Her book gives a great history of the Harbert’s in America. The photograph to the left is the same that can also be found in the book on page 57. To be continued.

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