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Picture features many of the Ritter family including Paul's grandparents, Capt. John & Nancy Jane Morris Ritter, front & center, on the first floor of porch. Others are Paul's aunts & uncles and a few tiny cousins of the Robt. and America Ritter Davisson family seated in front. Don't know who the teenagers are on the downstairs left of porch. Paul's mother, Ollie Ritter Maxwell is not in this particular Ritter reunion picture......neither is his father, Wm. Maxwell. Both the Maxwell as well as the Hiram Lynch family were not attending that day........Susie Lynch, Ollie's sister, was terribly ill that day.....both families stayed home......Ollie for the purpose of taking care of her sister. In the picture, the hired man, Erastus Ney, holding the horse in the foreground, was sent to represent the Lynch family at the reunion on Grass Run. Info: H.W. Lynch

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