Ruby's Notes
May 5, 2018

      There were only six of us at the Harrison Co Genealogical Society meeting this morning but I feel that it was very productive. Neither David nor Dianna was present but we read the scholarship applications and picked out two to receive the $500.00 scholarship. We only had about 10 applications returned. Those chosen were Anna Lucas and Brent Sinsel. We also feel that they should make an effort to come to a meeting and pick up their check in person.

      There was an April meeting and they voted to keep the same slate of officers that are in office now.

      Today we also discussed the annual picnic which is usually held on the first Monday in August which will be August 6th and once again holding it at the Maple Shelter at Norwood Park. Susan will be making the arrangements and we will let you know the final details at the next meeting. It was also discussed that someone needs to make a toss salad and bring bread this year.

      I had the obits ready to take to Maxine so she could get to work on them and walked off and forgot them. Susan also suggested that we set a date sometime for a work day to try and get the obits caught up.

      We also discussed getting about 10 copies of the black cemetery book that Nanci Kotowski gave us printed up and give one to the AME Church and see if we can raise some money by selling them. They should be having black heritage days once again in September so looks like that would be a good time to have some of them ready to sell.

      The next meeting will be on June 2nd and hopefully there will be more in attendance.


Ruby's Notes

February 4, 2017

      The Harrison County Genealogical Society held their regular monthly meeting this date with 8 members in attendance.

      Furniture was being moved to the downstairs of the Waldomore today and David said the Waldomore research material is being cataloged. New carpet has been installed also. We probably won't recognize the place when we get to move back over there.

      There was a discussion on DNA testing and whether a lot of us are part Indian.

      David will be taking the scholarship forms to the high schools in Harrison County and he also sends it in digital form.

      Since February is black history month we had some discussions on that and also on the book that Nanci Kotowski has sent us on black deaths in the early 1900's.

      We sat around the table and David told us family history stories.

      Bertha had a large tin of cookies that she had brought and we had those instead of cupcakes to celebrate February birthdays.

The March meeting will be on the 4th.

Happy Valentine's day to all of you.


Ruby's Notes

December 3, 2016

      The Harrison County Genealogical Society held their annual Christmas dinner today with 22 persons in attendance. We need to thank Dianna and Bertha for all of the effort they put in it to make it a success. It was catered once again by the Iga Store of Salem. We had a toss salad, baked steak or chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, rolls, water, iced tea or a soft drink and cake for dessert. I don't think anyone went away hungry.

      Those in attendance were Maxine Long, Dick Wilt, Millie Gemondo, Dianna Johnson, Bertha Webb, Susan House, June Conrad, John Jones, Betty Waugh, Ted Wolfe, Shirley Kidd, Richard & Michelle Perine, Nora McLean, Ryan Kennedy & his wife Laura along with their four children, Bobby & Ruby Casto.

      We did have a short meeting at the beginning and since David was not there, we had no minutes, Susan gave the treasurer's report and Dianna said there was a newsletter in the workings. We discussed Susan having a key to the post office box.

      We want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous, blessed and Happy New Year.

The next meeting will be on the 7th of January, 2017. Ruby

Ruby's Notes

November 5, 2016

      The Harrison County Genealogical Society held their regular monthly meeting this date with seven members in attendance.

      Ted Wolfe, president, called the meeting to order and following David read the minutes from the last meeting. Due to Susan, the treasurer, still recuperating from knee surgery, there was no treasurer's report.

      Dianna had sent David the particulars on the Christmas Dinner. It will be held on Saturday, December 3rd at noon in the Carmichael Building, the same place it has been for the past couple of years. Once again the cost will be $10.00 per person with a gift exchange. The gift needs to be something that can be used by either male or female. If you plan on attending, please let me know so that I can let Bertha know how many dinners to order. Thanks

      We discussed the newsletter and there was nothing new on one being printed.

      David looked for the obits that I gave him last month for Eva and he could not locate them. He said they had to be around somewhere.

      David also said that the copier we have had at the Waldomore needs to be replaced as MCM cannot get parts to repair it anymore. He suggested we drop the maintenance contract on it until we can get another one to replace it. This one was a reconditioned one we bought from MCM several years ago. We voted on canceling the contract and it passed.

It is getting time for dues to be paid once again.

The December meeting will be held at the Christmas dinner on December 3rd.

Ruby Casto

Ruby's Notes

October 1, 2016

      The Harrison County Genealogical Society held their regular monthly meeting this date with seven persons in attendance.

      David did not have any minutes from the last meeting as he just popped in and out of it when he could as Jim Bartlett presented his presentation on family DNA. It was very helpful to me as I have already corresponded with new cousins and one of which is a lifetime member of HCGS.

      David read the treasurer s report since Susan was absent. She had a knee replaced and no one seemed to know how she was doing.

      David also said work at the Waldomore is progressing but they still have a lot to do. The electrical work is done, plastering and painting is done and the hardwood floors are being refinished.

      There was nothing new about a news letter but if one is to be made up help is needed with stories and genealogy facts.

      I gave my Braxton County newsletter to David and they are folding at the end of the year as they do not have enough help to keep it going.

      We discussed the Christmas party and have decided if the Carmichael is available to have it there on the 3rd of December. Bertha was left in charge of renting the Carmichael and also getting in touch with the Salem IGA to see about catering the food for us once again. It will be a gift exchange as it has been in the past years. We will know more about it and the time at the November meeting.

      We heard some very interesting family stories while we were having our doughnuts and muffins.

      Thanks to each one that makes our meetings a success.

      November meeting will be on the 5th at 10:30 a.m. in the Conference Room of the Clarksburg Harrison Public Library.


Harrison County Genealogical Society Picnic
August 1, 2016
Notes by Ruby

      The Harrison County Genealogical Society held their annual picnic yesterday evening at the Clarksburg City Park (Norwood Park) with 21 persons in attendance. There was plenty of good food and reminiscing going on. The hamburgers, hot dogs, macaroni & cheese, and drinks was catered by Audia's Restaurant and they provide everything that goes along with it. We also took salads and desserts. If anyone went away hungry it was their own fault. Betty Waugh had grace.

      After eating we had a short meeting with Ted Wolfe calling the meeting to order. Bertha Webb had seen in the paper where children's books were needed in the flooded area of West Virginia and she thought it would be a good idea if we bought a $100.00 worth of books that the library had over from their book sale. It was mentioned that all books the library has for a book sale are not appropriate for young school children. It was also mentioned that at this time there is no room to store books in the flooded area. It was tabled at this time.

      Following the meeting Diana gave us all a notebook and pen and she had a quiz on when things were invented. It was very interesting as a lot of things we had no idea how long they had been around.

      Thanks to all who made the picnic a success once again. It takes a lot of work and keeping on top of things.

      Due to Labor day weekend and the Italian Heritage Festival the next meeting will be on September 10th at 10:30 a.m. in the conference room of the Clarksburg Harrison Public Library.

      Those in attendance were: Ryan Kennedy, his wife Laura and their children. Henry, Margeurite, Annabelle and Abigail, Ted Wolfe, Patricia Dennison, Susan Dennison, Bettty Waugh, Roger House, Susan House, Maxine Long, Diana Johnson, Bertha Webb, Dick Wilt, Millie Gemondo, Alexis McDonald, Kristin Rife, Aaron Rife, and Ruby Casto.

Ruby Casto
Membership Chairman of the HCGS

Ruby's Notes
July 9, 2016

      The Harrison County Genealogical Society held their regular monthly meeting this date with 11 members in attendance. We had one new member Alicia Matheny and two fairly new ones in attendance, Ryan Kennedy and Maxine Long. David Kuhl from Mississippi was also in attendance.

      Due to the absence of the President, Ted Wolfe, Diana Johnson called the meeting to order and had passed around a nice itinerary for us to follow. She also gave the notes of last month's meeting that was held on the patio along with the cicada's, (they are gone now.) Treasurer, Susan House gave the financial report.

      David reported that the wiring in the Waldomore is almost complete and the next thing will be the plastering and painting. Since we had volunteered to furnish the paint for the second floor of the Waldomore David is going to check with the contractors to see what the cost will be.

      The date for the picnic is rolling around fast. It will be on August 01st at 6:00 p.m. in the Maple Shelter at Clarksburg City Park (Norwood Park.) Once again Audia's will be furnishing the hot dogs, hamburgers, macaroni & cheese and the drinks. We are asked to bring a casserole, salad or dessert.

      We put off making plans for the Christmas party until the next meeting.

      Ted also needs to contact Jim Bartlett about presenting a talk on DNA.

      Susan had the checks for the two scholarship winners who were Maddie Dillon and Jessica LaBella

      Diana said she had been without a laptop so couldn't work on a newsletter but she has one now so a newsletter may be forthcoming.

      We celebrated July birthdays and June Conrad's was on the 3rd of July but she was not in attendance today

      We will have our next meeting at the picnic on August 1st instead of on August 6th.

Until the next time.


June 4, 2016
Notes from Meeting

The power went off at the Harrison County Library and the meeting was canceled on very short notice.

      Since several showed up for the meeting, we went ahead and had a meeting. We held it on the main library patio to the music of the cicadas.

      Bob Blankenship was here from out of town.

      David will be in contact with Susan about getting checks to the scholarship recipients since they will be needing their money sooner rather than later.

      David will be checking about getting an invoice in order to pay for the new computer that the society purchased for Waldomore.

      The report on Waldomore is that work is in progress. The reopening of Waldomore will probably not happen until after the New Year. David is still available for genealogy assistance at the main library and via email.

      We once again went over details for the picnic to take place at the shelter at City Park, Nutter Fort (Norwood Park) at 6 p.m., Monday, August 1, 2016, with hot dogs and hamburgers catered by Audia's. Members may bring a side dish of their choice. The society will provide bottled water, plates, napkins, and utensils.

      June member birthdays were recognized.

      Next meeting to be held Saturday, July 9, 2016, 10:30 a.m., main library conference room on 2nd floor.


Ruby's Notes
May 7, 2016

      The Harrison County Genealogical Society held their regular meeting yesterday with 9 members in attendance. Since David wasn't there at the April Meeting there were no minutes and Susan, the treasurer, was absent yesterday also so there was no treasurer's report.

      We discussed the picnic which will be held on August 1s at the Maple Shelter in the Norwood Park (Clarksburg City Park.) Audia's once again will be catering the hamburgers and hot dogs. We are asked to bring a covered dish, salad or dessert.

      We also read the scholarship applications and I didn't get to stay till two were picked, but Dianne told me one of them was Maddi Dillon and I will get more information from David on the other one and let you know who it was.

      We had cupcakes to celebrate May birthdays and Ryan Kennedy, who is running for Judge of Harrison County sent us streusel, cupcakes and doughnuts. We want to thank him for those.

      Ted Wolfe, president, said it would probably be September before Jim Bartlett can come and speak on DNA to us.

      We also voted on setting our meeting time to 10:30 a.m. on the first Saturday as the library does not open until 10:00 on Saturday mornings. David said the Waldomore will be closed for several months and may not be open until the first of next year. It really needs all of the work that is being done on it.

      The next meeting will be June 4th at 10:30 a.m.

      Don't forget your civic duty and get out and vote this coming Tuesday. If we don't vote we can't complain who gets in office.

Happy Mother's Day to all of the Mothers.


Ruby's Notes
April 2, 2016

      The Harrison County Genealogical Society held their regular monthly meeting this date with 11 members in attendance. Two of these were new members that joined today. They are Ryan Kennedy and Maxine Long.

      Catherine Clevenger sat in on the meeting for David since he was absent. His aunt's funeral was this morning at 11:00 a.m. She said the scholarship forms have been sent to all of the Harrison County schools.

      Susan advised us that she has the Maple Shelter at Norwood Park rented for August 1st for our annual picnic. Please mark your calendar with that date.

      April is election month for the new slate of officers. Dick Wilt was the nominating chairman and he made a motion that the same officers be installed for the coming year. They are, President; Ted Wolfe, Vice President; Diana Johnson, Secretary; David Houchin and Treasurer; Susan House. The three board of directors are: Betty Waugh, Patricia Dennison and Judy Nicholson.

      Ted is suppose to get in touch with Jim Bartlett about coming to speak to us on DNA testing.

      The next meeting will be on May 7th and it will be in the conference room of the Clarksburg Harrison Public Library once again.

      We celebrated April birthday's with cupcakes once again and I was the only one with a birthday in April in attendance.


"Happy Birthday, Ruby"

Ruby's Notes
March 5, 2016
Note: Rootsweb web site is down and may be down untl March 15, 2016.

      The Harrison County Genealogical Society held their regular month meeting this date in the Conference Room of the Clarksburg Harrison Public Library with 5 members in attendance along with one visitor, Ryan Kennedy who is running for Judge of Harrison County. He is very interested in genealogy and has a lot of information on his Kennedy family who are from Gilmer County. He said he would be willing to come and be a speaker at one of our future meetings.

      David was not feeling well as he had a migraine headache so Diana read the minutes of the last meeting and Susan gave the treasures report. David did tell us that we may need to consider getting another copier as the one we have is just about shot.

      .The Waldomore is getting a new electrical system so for the next few months we will be meeting at the main library.

      We will be having the election of the new slate of officers at the next meeting on April 2nd.

      Ted Wolfe who was out of town today will be getting back in contact with Jim Bartlett to come and speak with us on DNA at the June or July meeting.

      We still do not have anything resolved about how the newsletter is going to handled. Diana says she just can t get a printed one out and it may have to be digital.

      Susan was going to call the park board to see about reserving the pavilion for our August picnic.

      We did have St. Patrick decorated cupcakes for March birthdays and it so happened that Mr. Kennedy s birthday will be on the 11th of March.

Next Meeting April 2nd.


Ruby's Notes
February 6, 2016

      The Harrison County Genealogical Society held their regular meeting this date with 12 members in attendance.

      Susan will be mailing the newsletter to the Klein family.

      Ted is to check with Jim Bartlett about being the speaker on DNA for the April meeting.

      David spoke on the oldest records in the Harrison County Court House.

      After the meeting was adjourned we celebrated four February birthdays with cupcakes and coffee.

      The next meeting will be on the 5th of March and will be held in the Conference Room in the main library.


HCGS Meeting Notes
January 9, 2016
by Susan

      The HCGS held its meeting Sat. Jan. 9, 2016 with six members present.

      Business discussed included approving a new monthly tradition of celebrating attending members' birthdays.

     Phyllis Brown has kindly donated Washington Irving Yearbooks for 1941, 1943, and 1945-1949. HCGS now has the complete collection of WI yearbooks for the 1940's.

     Our next meeting will be held Saturday, Feb. 6, 2016 at 10AM in the main library due to scheduled Waldomore renovations.


Ruby's Notes
December 5, 2015

      The Harrison County Genealogical Society held their annual Christmas dinner this date in the Carmichael Auditorium building on 6th Street in Clarksburg.

      We had a short business meeting but there really wasn't anything going on for the month of December.

      We hope everyone got their newsletter for the year of 2014. It was a large newsletter and we will be getting another one out for 2015 sometime.

      Our attendance wasn't as good as it has been in the past but the food which was catered by the IGA Store in Salem, was very good. We had baked steak, chicken, mashed potatoes & gravy, green beans, birthday cake, as it was Dick Wilt's birthday and drinks, coke, sprite and iced tea.

      We all had fun playing the games that Dianne had prepared for us. May thanks to Dianne and Bertha for all of the work that put into making the Christmas dinner a success.

      Those attending were Ray and Darla Everley, Betty Waugh, Bobby, Holly & Ruby Casto, Dick Wilt and Barbara Rogers, Ted Wolfe, David Houchin, Bertha Webb, Dianna Johnson, Susan House, Gary, Suella and Rebekah Taylor, Polly and Patricia Dennison and Shirley Kidd.

Dick took pictures so they will be on the webpage.

We want to wish all of our members a very Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year.


Christmas Lunch 2015

Birthday Web Master
Ruby's Notes
November 7, 2015

      The Harrison County Genealogical Society held their regular monthly meeting this date with 8 persons in attendance.

      Due to the absence of Ted Wolfe, president, Diana Johnson, vice president, presided over the meeting.

      Don't forget the next meeting on December 5th will start at noon. This will also be our Christmas Dinner. Once again it will be catered by the IGA Store from Salem. The cost will be $10.00 each and can be paid at the dinner. It will be in the Carmichael Auditorium once again. If you want to participate in the gift exchange, please bring a gift of around $10.00 that can be used by either a man or woman. If you plan on going you can let me know by e-mail or call Bertha Webb at 304-7823-681. There will be baked steak and chicken.

      David said the 2014 newsletter has been mailed. It was discussed whether we want to have the newsletter put on internet or if you would still prefer to get it mailed to you. Let us know your feelings about this also.

      The library did get their grant for work to be done on the Waldomore. The work will probably begin next March or April and the Waldomore will be closed to research and our meetings will have to be held at the main library. If Jim Bartlett comes in April to discuss DNA we would have to hold that meeting at the library also. Ted will be getting in touch with Jim.

      Betty Waugh donated maps that Darrell had of the WV County Roads.

      Once again it is getting time for dues to be paid.

      David told several interesting stories about different people in our area. He has enough stories in his head to make up a whole newsletter. Very interesting.

      Hope to see several members at the December meeting and Christmas dinner. We already have about a dozen people signed up from today's meeting.

No photographer today.

Ruby's Notes
October 3, 2015

      The Harrison County Genealogical Society held their October meeting this date with David Houchin calling the meeting to order due to the absence of both the President and Vice President. There were 11 members in attendance and it was good to have new members James and Donna Hash with us along with Bill Lynch of Ohio, Dick Wilt and Bertha Webb.

      The Christmas dinner has been set for December the 5th at the Carmichael Auditorium once again. IGA will be catering the dinner and it will be plated rather than buffet style. Bertha said if we ordered baked steak and someone wanted chicken, we could just order a plate of chicken. Diana and Bertha are planning the Christmas dinner. It will be $10.00 the same as it was last year. Each person will pay for their own.

      Lawrence Metzner gave me two books to present to HCGS as they were his late wife's and he did not need them. One was the Valentine Post book 1740-1800 and the other one was Bergman-Barrickman families of WV by Hendershot Adams. David also had a book "Shadow of the Tetons" by John C. Jackson.

      The newsletter is ready to be mailed except to be stamped with the bulk mailing stamp. Dick tried to ink it but was not successful, but was going to see if he could get it taken care of.

      Susan, the treasurer, will be having knee surgery on the 29th of October.

Membership Chairman of HCGS

Notes for September 12, 2015

      Ruby was unable to attend and notes are submitted by Susan.

      Thank you Susan for taking over for Ruby.
HCGS held its September meeting today with 8 members present.
     Two of these are new members who came to do research and decided to join our society. (Their names are James and Donna Hash
     I will bring you their membership application and also renewals from French Johnson and Michael Greer.)
     The newsletter is ready to mail. It is 80 pages total and represents (4) newsletters in one mailing.
     David will take the newsletters to the Post Office.

     We discussed the Christmas party. It was agreed to hold it on Sat. Dec.5, 2015 at the Carmichael Center as we did last year. The party will begin at Noon, will include a brief regular December meeting, and will be catered. (Diana will take care of all of the arrangements.)

     David believes that our new computer may be in place at the Waldomore in the next week.

     Also, concerning the Waldomore, pending grant approval, new wiring may begin soon.

Genealogical Society Picnic
August 10, 2015

      The Harrison County Genealogical Society did hold their annual picnic this evening although around 5:00 p.m. it started raining rather hard, but we were in the shelter so we stayed dry. We had a lot of good fellowship and enough food to feed several more people. We had hot dogs, hamburgers with all the trimmings, macaroni and cheese, baked beans, cole slaw, fruit salad, hash brown potatoes, cucumbers, pickled beets, cookies, brownies, pie and I'm sure that there were other foods that I left out. Oh, yes there was pizza.

      After we were all through eating Susan had a surname game she had made up. She wrote surnames on cartons and two were passed out to each person. If you had your own surname you got a prize, your mother's maiden name you got a prize, then she just called out surnames and whoever had that name received a prize. She just picked up small items from the Dollar Store.

      Thanks to Susan for stepping in since Diana wasn't going to be there. I'm sure planning our picnic and Christmas dinner is a lot of thought and work. It won't be long now until we will be talking about the Christmas dinner.

      Those attending were Betty Waugh, Susan House, Ray & Darla Everley, Ted Wolfe, June Conrad, John Hines, Richard & Michelle Perine, Betty Rinehart, Nora McLean, Judy Nicholson, Patricia Dennison, Aaron and Kristin Rife and me Ruby Casto.

      We missed our photographer this evening so there will not be a picture.

We all had a good time.


Ruby's Notes
August 1, 2015

       The Harrison County Genealogical Society held their regular monthly meeting this date with only five members in attendance.

       David read the minutes of the last meeting and due to the absence of the treasurer, he also read her report.

       David said the newsletter that Diana had brought to him was 80 pages and he has gone to the post office to see about mailing it. It will be mailed in an envelope but it still needs to be stapled and our mailing stamp put on the envelope. He needs to get back with the postman at East Pointe to see how it will need to be put into zip codes. It will be mailed in the next week or so.

       Don't forget the picnic will be on the 10th of August at 6:00 p.m. at the Clarksburg City Park (Norwood Park.) Hamburgers and hot dogs will be catered but we are asked to bring a covered dish, salad or a dessert.

       David has been given a Civil War Cannon Ball by Nicole Shreves.

       I have sent my DNA into Family Tree DNA and Jim Bartlett said he would help me with it when I get the results back. He also said, he would like to come and discuss DNA with our group. He has been at Hacker's Creek several times. We don't know his schedule or anything but we did throw the date of September 12th around to see if that might be a suitable date for him. We also would like to have more than five members present when he does come. The next meeting will be on September 12th since the first Saturday in September is Labor Day weekend and we never meet on that day due to the Italian Festival being held in Clarksburg.


Ruby's Notes
July 11, 2015

      The Harrison County Genealogical Society held their regular monthly meeting this date with 8 members in attendance.

      Due to the absence of Ted Wolfe, president, Diana Johnson, vice president, called the meeting to order. We had the reading of the minutes of the last meeting and the treasurer's report.

      There were no committee reports however it was noted that both of the scholarship recipients were at the last meeting to receive their checks and that it was a pleasure to meet both of them.

      Don't forget to mark your calendars for our annual picnic which will be on the 10th of August at the Norwood Park big shelter as you come in the gate. Hot dogs and hamburgers will be catered by Audia's Restaurant and we ask that you bring a covered dish, salad or dessert. The time will be 6:00 P.M. Since Diana will be returning to school that day she said, she would not be at the picnic; so she brought the paper products to Susan.

      Diana also had the newsletter for 2014 and she left it with David so he can go to the post office to find out the best way for mailing it. Bulk mailing is always changing its regulations for mailing.

      We learned today that Marilyn Lynch wife of Hiram has passed away so we want to send our condolences to Hiram and his family.

      Many of you also have corresponded with Bill Boggess and we learned of his passing also.

      I went to put my brother's information in Find A Grave and found that a lady from Florida had already listed him under Have any of you heard of this organization? It has nothing to do with Find A Grave. She has since removed what she had put in about him.

The next meeting will be August 1st.

Ruby's Notes
June 6, 2015

       The Harrison County Genealogical Society held their regular monthly meeting this date with 11 persons in attendance. It was good to see Betty Rinehart as she hasn't been to a meeting in quite sometime.

       We had the two recipients for this year's scholarship in attendance. They were Justin Lucas who graduated from RCB and he will be going to WVU. The other one was Isaac Riffle who graduated from Bridgeport and he will be going to Harding Christian School in Arkansas. Dick Wilt took pictures and we hope to get them in the Clarksburg newspaper.

       David said since the weather has warmed up he has had visitors from a dozen states in May.

       Our annual picnic will be on the 10th of August at the Maple Shelter in Norwood Park. The time has been set for 6:00 p.m. We voted on having Audia's Restaurant in Nutter Fort cater hot dogs, hamburgers, and the drinks. The rest of us can bring a hot dish, salads or desserts. Betty Waugh says that Sam's Club has good cole slaw so maybe someone can bring that.

       One thing that is very important, we will have to know if you plan on attending since we are having it catered. Let us know if you prefer hot dogs or hamburgers as we will have to let them know how many we will need. You can let me know at

       The next meeting will be July 11th as the first Saturday in July is the 4th


Isaac Riffle

Justin Lucas
Ruby's Notes
May 2, 2015

      The Harrison County Genealogical Society held their May meeting this date with five members present.

      There were no committee reports and David hasn'tbought any new books lately.

      We did have the election of officers and we will keep the same slate as lastyear. The only change we elected Betty Waugh to be on the Board of Directors to replace Betty Rinehart.

      We only had nine returns on the scholarship forms and Ted Wolfe, Susan House, Dick Wilt and myself stayed to read them after the meeting was adjourned. We picked two and David will contact them and see if they can attend the next meeting. We will announce their names at the next meeting.

      It is time once again to see if we can reserve a shelter at Norwood Park for our annual picnic. We want to get Monday, August 3rd and Susan House will see about it.

      The next meeting will be June 6th and of course the July meeting will have to be set up to the 11th since the 4th is the first Saturday in July.


Ruby's Notes
April 11, 2015

      The Harrison County Genealogical Society held their regular monthly meeting this date with 9 members in attendance.

      Due to the absence of both the president and vice president David Houchin, secretary for HCGS and librarian, called the meeting to order. Susan House gave the financial report and February's minutes were not read.

      It was good to have Dick Wilt, Harold and Judy Reed with us today.

      Susan House had been to the post office and received new bulk mailing instructions. They had changed once again since February.

      We also discussed putting out a newsletter once again and wanted to form a committee for it. Patricia Dennison said she would be willing to help with it, so hopefully in the near future we can get a newsletter out. She does not want to be the editor of it as she has a full time job.

      The scholarship forms have been delivered to the high schools and the dead line to have them back to us is the 20th of April. David said he has already received some back. The committee will read them after the meeting on the 2nd of May and the meeting will be a shortened one.

      We also need to get together some day and print off the obits that have been piling up now for about a year. I asked if it would be feasible to have them printed off by MCM.

      Harold Reed had been scheduled to present a "Show & Tell" to us of some of the old material he has accumulated. He talked about an old printing press that he had and printing off the Declaration of Independence and that it took four days to do it. He also had a 225 year old newspaper in a frame and it was "The Pennsylvania Packet and Daily Advertiser." He gave each of us a page about the newspaper. He gave us 2 printouts on Benjamin Franklin and said that Benjamin wrote his own epitaph when he was 22 years old, however, the stone on the grave he shared with his wife simply read: "Benjamin and Deborah Franklin 1790." Harold is leaving a book "Beverly Patent" along with a map "1736 Beverly Patent" at the library with David. If you would be interested in looking at them all you have to do is go to the Waldomore. There are many surnames in the book and you might find one that you are interested in.

The next meeting will be May 2nd.
Ruby ============================================================================

Ruby's Notes
February 7, 2015

      The Harrison County Genealogical Society held their regular monthly meeting this date with six members in attendance.

       David said he will take the scholarship packets around to the high schools in early March and then we will put an announcement about the scholarships in the Clarksburg Newspaper. It could also be put in the Shinnston News.

       He also said there were no trips being planned at this time.

       David also said that Heritage Quest was up and running at the library and to use it at home you will need a library card from the Clarksburg Harrison Public Library.

       They also have Ancestry installed but you must go to the library to use it.

       Some other web sites that was discussed was: Fold 3, Find My Past and Wiki Tree. Do you have sites that you use that might be helpful to some other member.

       David has not bought any books however; he did have a form for the three books that Harrison County West Virginia Historical Society has for sale. They are,

Old Gold, Glimpses of Antebellum Shinnston $16.00 free shipping
Shinnston Tornado, $22.00 free shipping
Out of the Past: Harrison County History Vignettes $22.00 plus free shipping

       If you would like to buy any of the three books mentioned above you can send a check made out to HCWVHS, P O Box 4695, Bridgeport, WV 26330

       David advised that the new computer, monitor and a new external hard drive have been shipped and should be in the library any day now. The society voted to pay the whole amount of $652.28 for the new computer. The computer tech from the library will install it.

       Dick Wilt and I had a little discussion on the guest book on the web page. We wondered if someone would like to check it every now and then and see if you could help them if it was something that needed looked up. I don't think you would have to be local to do it as you could just do it on your computer at home.

       Larry Francis sent us a CD on the Francis family. Thanks Larry.

       The next meeting will be on March 7th and we are moving the April meeting up to the 11th as the first Saturday is so close to Easter.

       Susan & I picked up the applications for renewals and new members. I will try to get to work on these and send them to the appropriate persons.


Ruby's Notes
January 3, 2015

      This is the notes for the meeting of the Harrison County Genealogical Society which was held this date. I did not go but Susan House, treasurer, called me and said there were seven members at the meeting.

      They discussed the scholarship and David will be getting the applications ready to deliver to the schools probably sometime in February.

      David also gave a presentation on the Waldomore.

      I had something about a book that I was going to bring up, so I will tell about it here. The Harrison County Historical Society has offered three books for sale in the past few months. I bought the book "Out of the Past" which is writings of Jack Sandy Anderson. It can be ordered through Amazon or the HCWVHS. Their address is P. O. Box 4695, Bridgeport, WV 26330. I did have the names of the other two books but have deleted the e-mail, so maybe David can tell us what they are.

      Dues are now due and they are still $10.00 mailed to HCGS, P O Box 387, Clarksburg, WV 26302-0387. The dues run from January 1st through Dec. 31st.

      Thanks to Susan for calling me and telling me what went on at the meeting.


Ruby's Notes
December 6, 2014

      The Harrison County Genealogical Society held their regular monthly meeting in conjunction with their annual Christmas Dinner. The meeting was very short with the treasurer saying that our regular checking fund was getting low and we need to replenish it with some funds from a CD that we have. It was voted on and passed.

      It is also time for dues which run from January 01st through December 31st each year. Dues are still $10.00 and needs to be mailed to Harrison County Genealogical Society, P. O. Box 387, Clarksburg, WV 26302.

      Now back to the Christmas Dinner. There were 22 in attendance and everyone attended that signed up except one person and that was not bad due to the rainy weather. It was catered by the IGA store in Salem, WV and I would approve of them doing it again. After eating Diana Johnson had games for us to play. We played the ABC's of Christmas, then there was a scavenger hunt, two guess jars, a movie candy guess tray, a food guess tray, and the last was a West Virginia game about our heritage, such as were you born in, WV and born in Harrison County, there were 16 questions in it.

      I do not know who won all of the games and if Diana knows who won, she might put them on the list.

      Those attending were, June Conrad, John Jones, David Houchin, Patricia Dennison, Polly Dennison, Darla Everley, Ray Everley, Lauren Powell, Betty Waugh, Ruby Casto, Ted Wolfe, Robert "Bob" Casto, Dick Wilt, Barbara Rogers, Diana Johnson, Bertha Webb, Esther Duncan, Donna Henline, Judy Nicholson, Richard Perine, Michelle Perine and Susan House.

We want to wish everyone a blessed and Merry Christmas.


Christmas 2014

Ruby's Notes
November 1, 2014

      The Harrison County Genealogical Society held their regular monthly meeting this date with six members in attendance.

      We have twenty (20) persons signed up for the Christmas dinner which will be on Saturday, December 6th at 12:00 p.m. in the Carmichael Auditorium. It is a catered affair and the cost is $10.00. There will be either baked steak or baked chicken. Betty Waugh will be calling the IGA Store at Salem and turning in the number of persons and what they want steak or chicken. She was going to ask them if it would be possible to turn someone in after she gives them the number. If you decide that you want to go call Betty at 304-904-7462.

      David said that Ancestry and Heritage Quest should be up and running at the Library and also the Waldomore in the next few days. In order to use them you need to be a member of the Clarksburg Library. You will only be able to access Heritage Quest from home with your Library card number. To use Ancestry you have to do it at either the Library or the Waldomore.

      David also had a book donated by Gerald Swick which was written by his brother Clinton Swick. The book is titled Just Me Telling it My Way.? It is a book of cowboy poems.

      David also gave us a talk on Scollay Sally Page the first librarian in Clarksburg and she kept a diary and they have them from 1888 to 1936. It was very interesting.

      It is getting time for dues once again. Our dues run from January 1st through December 31st each year and are still $10.00. Mail your dues to Harrison Co. Genealogical Society, P. O. Box 387, Clarksburg, WV 26302.

      Our next regular meeting date is December 6th, the same day as our Christmas Dinner so we decided to cancel the meeting at the Waldomore and hold a short meeting at the Christmas Dinner.

      We did not have any snow today but misty, windy and not really cold but cooler. 42

      If you have queries about your family don't hesitate to put it on the list and maybe someone will be able to help you.


Note: I just want to remind everyone we do have a "Facebook" account but it isn't used by anyone. Remember,it is there to be used. I'm not a "Facbook" person myself but thought that some would enjoy it.

Ruby's Notes
October 4, 2014


The Harrison County Genealogical Society held their regular monthly meeting this date, October 4th with seven members in attendance.

      Due to the absence of both the president and vice president, David Houchin, secretary called the meeting to order and read the minutes of the last meeting and treasurer, Susan House, gave the financial report.

      David had received the following donations to the WV Collection: Songs, Poems and Stories of Wetzel County, Bio of Major Harris and Lone Mountains about Mountain Top Removal.

      In the very near future the Clarksburg Harrison Public Library will be installing Ancestry and Heritage Quest for use by its members. Bridgeport will no longer be having Heritage Quest.

      We will be ordering our new computer shortly and will be getting the tower, keyboard and mouse. We have a good flatscreen monitor so at this time we do not need that.

      Don't forget the Christmas dinner which will be on December 6th at the Carmichael Auditorium beginning at noon and it will be a catered dinner. Betty Waugh contacted the IGA Store in Salem and they sent her a list of food that we can have catered. We picked out the menu from what they sent.

Our menu will be:

  • Baked Steak
  • Baked Chicken
  • Garden Salad w/tomatoes & assorted dressings
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Green Beans
  • Hot rolls & butter
  • Cherry Pie
  • Water, Sweet & Unsweetened tea & assorted sodas
  • Heavy Plastic Tableware, cups and napkins will be $1.00 extra
  • Servers for the meal and cleaning up is also additional $1.00

         The price of the meal is $8.00 so with the $2.00 additional fee the cost will be $10.00 and I assume there will be a tax, he really didn't add that in.
    We signed up 11 at meeting with everyone wanting Baked Steak.

          If you plan on attending please let us know by the end of October and tell us if you want Baked Steak or Baked Chicken. We will also have the gift exchange.

          We also need someone to volunteer to cut the obituaries out of the Clarksburg newspaper. Susan has been doing it but at the end of October she will no longer be getting the paper.

    Please let us know if you will volunteer to do this for us.

    The next meeting will be on Saturday, November 1st.
    Cold here in West Virginia today.
    Temperature 41.7 degrees, humidity 71 percent, light wide out of the Southwest at 3-5 mph. Barameter 28.66 Inhg and steady. Cloudy.

  • Ruby's Notes
    September 6, 2014

          The Harrison County Genealogical Society held their regular monthly meeting this date with six members in attendance.

          Ted Wolfe, president, called the meeting to order. David did not have any minutes as the August meeting was held downstairs in the Waldomore due to the fact he had persons upstairs doing research and we also had cake to eat from the picnic. Due to the absence of Susan, treasurer, David read the treasurer's report.

          Diana was also absent but she had sent David an e-mail on some things that needed to be taken care of. She said the 2013 newsletters have all been taken care of and it will take some time for her to get the 2014 ones completed as she has gone back to work and will not have the time to work on them like she did in the summer.

          Diana also said she has rented the Carmichael Auditorium for the Christmas dinner and it will be on the 6th of December. It will be a catered affair and David is going to contact the Bluebird Store and Big Frank's and Betty Waugh will contact the IGA Store in Salem. They will be asking for a menu and also a price on the catering. We will need to know in advance who will be attending, so we can let them know how many to prepare for.

          Nothing further has been done on the pedigree charts and they will not be worked on until after the 2014 newsletters are taken care of.

          We all thought the picnic was a success and well attended.

          David had one new book on "Songs, Poems and Stories of Wetzel County which was donated by Gary Eller.

          The following was in the WI newsletter for the month of September and was written by Dorothy Hughes Shaffer.

          Fast forward now to the past few years. Now we are in the grandparent stage and find to our delight and also our learning experience that we have grandchildren interested in their roots. So here we are in Michigan with a grandchild pressing us for knowledge of their genealogy in WV. End result was a trip to WV to search and rescue knowledge of our past. So where did this search take them? You guessed it! The Clarksburg Library! As we helped follow up on this endeavor I felt a shiver of excitement as I saw the "new" library with the gorgeous "old" library now in the background. I actually cried when I entered the old library where I had savored so many fond memories now in a state of disrepair. But there is still a treasure there. Not only is there a wealth of genealogy wrapped up in the books but an even greater treasure is in the person of David Houchin who was there to act as our personal sleuth in this search. I have always appreciated the librarians who have been there to assist us in our library journeys, but this was far greater than any that we had encountered. He actually brought life to the books he had at his fingertips and we are still baffled at how one mind could encompass the knowledge of just where to look to track down the information we were seeking. His enthusiasm was infectious. Although the building looked to be dead, part of it is very much alive.

          David also had a discussion on the Waldomore and we could be losing the elevator that has been there, I think David said since 1923. I really didn't write the date down.

          The meeting was adjourned and the October meeting will be on the 4th.


    Ruby's Notes
    August 2, 2014

          The Harrison County Genealogical Society held their regular monthly meeting this date with 8 persons in attendance. We held the meeting downstairs as there were people from IN doing research upstairs. Before the meeting started we each had a piece of the left over cake from the picnic. The visitors Frank & Vicki Green from IN came down and had cake with us also.

          Diana brought a printed agenda for us and we followed it today. Ted called the meeting to order with the reading of the minutes and the treasurers report.

          Old Business: Nothing has been done on the purchase of the new computer as of yet.
         The scholarship winner from Lincoln High School has stopped in and picked up her check. She had an injured foot.

          James Drain, a new member, donated some books and today we received 9 booklets in the mail on Rev. Reuben Finnell's children of Warren County, VA.

          The picnic/anniversary was discussed and we were well pleased with the turnout. Eva Newlon has the obits pasted up to date. If someone would like to volunteer to help print them off sometime, just go into the Waldomore and David will get you set up to work on them.

          The pedigree charts are on hold until the newsletters are caught up. We were getting another newsletter ready today to be mailed. We were discussing what newsletters we got in 2013. I marked my newsletter with the surnames in it and received it on September 30, 2013 and the December 2013 newsletter had all of my notes in it.

          We were discussing the Christmas dinner and thought maybe we would see if we could have it catered and use the Carmichael Auditorium for it. It would be December 6th at noon and that way David could attend. Bertha Webb is going to check to see if it would be available on that date.

          Diana also said we need to be doing something constructive and thought a good time to do it would be on WV day June 20, 2015. The time could be 12:00 to 5:00 p.m. Some of the things she has listed would be:

    Introduction to the Waldomore
    Introduction to the WV Collection
    Revolutionary War Pension Fraud with David Houchin
    Civil War with Roger House
    Stonewall Jackson Presenter
    WV Birthday Cake and Punch on the Patio.
    Volunteers to help visitors upstairs
    Ted Wolfe would be downstairs and research at WVU's Wise Library; newspapers and what is available.
    Maybe Nancy Jackson could present the Jackson genealogy.
    Goodie bags to be handed out to visitors, and we could get them through Dick Wilt's sister.

          We also voted to buy two new staplers for the Waldomore and a Keurig Coffee Maker with three cup functions to be used in the downstairs of the Waldomore.

          We had a rather full agenda today but nothing for the WV day celebration has been set in stone or worked on. If anyone has suggestions for Diana please e-mail her at

    The next meeting will be September 6th.


    Ruby's Notes
    July 5, 2014

          The Harrison County Genealogical Society held their regular monthly meeting this date with 10 members in attendance. It was good to have the following members back with us after quite an absence; Betty Rinehart, Darla Everley, Bertha Webb and Dick Wilt. Our treasurer Susan was absent today but she had sent David her report.

          We want to remind everyone about the upcoming picnic/30th anniversary celebration on the 28th of July at the Clarksburg City Park (Norwood Park.)The meat and drinks will be furnished and it will be a covered dish affair and we plan on eating at 6:00 p.m. Diana Johnson will order a small cake from Bonnie Belle's along with cupcakes.

          Linda Greig donated a book to us on the Whitehair, Leeson and Stutler families.

          David said that Robert Sinsel stopped in at the Waldomore to pick up his scholarship check, however Mikaela Fluharty has not been in to pick hers up as yet.

          David said we still do not have our new computer as the technician has not been at the Waldomore to check it out yet. Hopefully it will be in the next few weeks.

          David and Diana both think they have most of the pedigree charts on their computers and they will print off what they do have. He has not found the copy that Barbara Palmer said she returned.


          Diana Johnson is going to send out a HCGS DIGEST once a month for the ones she has an e-mail for. It will be up to her what she will send; however this will not take place of the newsletter, since we have several members that do not have access to the internet. Diana may want to expand more on this.