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      Of Eve Swiger Allen, Dorothy Davis wrote, “Shortly after Joshua Allen and his son, Barnes, had migrated from Virginia via Fort Pitt and up the Monongahela River to settle in 1775 five miles north of Clarksburg on the site of the present-day town of Hepzibah, the younger Allen - having planted a crop of corn and having built a cabin - traveled to Fort Pitt to marry a German woman [Eve] whom he brought to the cabin on the West fork River. One day while Barnes Allen was away from home watching a deer lick, his bride saw a party of Indians approaching the cabin.

      Mrs. Allen hurried out the back door, through the thick underbrush, to a large beech tree which stood near the spring. She climbed the tree, hiding herself in the foliage, and watched the Indians carry out of the cabin as much as they could take with them and then set fire to the house. Returning from the deer lick and finding his house in ruins and his wife still hiding in the tree, Mr. Allen took his wife to the cabin of a Mr. Shinn near the site where Maulsby Bridge would later be built. Shinn and Allen hurried toward Powers’ Fort to give the alarm. On the way and opposite the place where a brick house was later built by William Smith on Simpson’s Creek, three Indians came out from some overhanging rocks and fired at the men. Shinn fired at the Indians. When the men returned with the party they had recruited at the fort and took up the trail of the Indians, they found, under the rocks from which the Indians had fired, various trinkets and the scalps of two white men. One of the Indians, who had been wounded by the shot from Shinn’s rifle, the pursuers discovered hidden in a swamp on Simpson’s Creek. They promptly shot the Indian and took his scalp. The men gave up the chase for the other red men and returned to their log cabins.”

      Sarah Allen's family moved from New Jersey to what is now Hampshire County, West Virginia and there she met and married Aaron Smith before moving on to Simpsons Creek. The Allen family were also a prominent family in early Harrison County history. More will be written about them further on.

      Aaron served in the American Revolution in Captain Riddick's 4th VA Regiment commanded by Robert Lawson and later by Captain George Wall's Company, 4th, 5th and 12th VA Regiments commanded by Colonel John Nelville, and in 1779 to Captain Stith's Company under the command of John Nelville. According to the muster rolls, Aaron served at Valley Forge in March, April and May 1778. He was in the spy battalion for the north.

      His father-in-law, Joshua Allen, appointed Aaron and his son, Barnes Allen, power of attorney concerning his inheritance from his father William Allen.

      Aaron Smith is also listed as taking the inventory for the will of John Wright in Burlington Co. New Jersey on 11 Nov 1782. Perhaps John Wright is a relative of Isabella Wright who married Thomas Harbert in New Jersey.

      Aaron’s will is found in Will Book 4, p. 124, of Harrison County Court Records. Dated June 14, 1826.

In the name of God Amen.
I, Aaron Smith of the County Harrison and State of Virginia, Revoking all others declare this to be my last will and Testament. I give my eldest son, James Smith, in addition to what I have already given him a few acres of land lying on the westside of the place he now lives, the line agreed to by us. The said James Smith to give the use of the sawmill until it should be rebuilt.

      My sons, Aaron Smith, Joshua Smith, Levi Smith, William Smith, Moses Smith, Timothy Smith, Isaac Smith and William Smith, having already portioned them with land and other property as their several necessities required, I wish them to have none of the property I now hold. I given unto my daughter Elizabeth Hartman fifteen acres of land on each side of the run the whole thirty acres including the place she now lives with house and other property attached thereunto bounded on the east by James Smith's land to have and to hold the said land her and her heirs forever. I give my much beloved wife Sary Smith one half of the place I now live on excepting the property of James Smith's few acres and Elizabeth's thirty acres with the house and other property thereunto attached to have and to hold the said land during her life. After her death I give the same to my son Elias Smith. I likewise give my son this said Elias Smith the balance of the place I now live on also one hundred and sixty of mountainous land for the same I have a patent bounded on the east by land formerly belonging to Jacob Reese on the west by the place I now live on to have to hold the said land his heirs and assigns forever. I give all my personal property of every description after my debts are paid and funeral expenses defrayed to my wife Sary to dispose of as she thinks proper during her life and at her death I appoint Joshua Smith and Jacob Smith to be my executors of this my last will and Testament.

      Witness my hand and seal this fourteenth day of June Anno Domino one thousand eight hundred and twenty six. (14 Jun 1826)
Aaron Smith {seal}
Signed sealed and delivered by the said Testator as and for his last will and Testament in the presence of us Attest: David B. Smith
Samuel H. Morris
*Isaac Shinn, Jr.
*Benj. Shinn

*Isaac and Benjamin Shinn are my 4th and 5th grandfathers.

Certificate James Smith heir to John Park for a mare impressed valued at £6. To be lain before the court to take up paying the money Nov. 2 [1756?]

"This is to certify that John Park's Mare was found for an Empress from Col. Washington to Col. Stephens (she being valued at £6.0)

Fort Edwards
April 29th 1756

Henry [Harris?]

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