Of course, this has nothing to do with Genealogy or History , but I have to fill up the space and I just have not felt like doing research for a History or Genealogy Subject.

      Well, I have warned you all, that if you didnít submit some stories you are stuck with what I write. I havenít had the time to do any research to get a new story. The only thing I have done is go on a weeks vacation to Florida to visit a very old Navy Buddy.

      My daughter was going to visit a high school friend and go to the beach in Navarre, FL. while I traveled to Pensacola, FL (about 35 miles) for the week. We had a very uneventful trip to Florida. Of course, we found that you can not always depend on GPS tracking to get you to where you are going. The GPS insisted that we travel on Interstate 40 West for a short distance and we found in reality that I40 was closed to through traffic, so at 10 PM in the evening we had to find our way the old way by using a map. We thought the GPS was going to have a stroke trying to tells to turn around and go another way. Our first evening we stayed at a Quality Inn in Loundon, TN. A beautiful hotel with extremely nice people. The cost was only $64.00 which I feel is very reasonable. One thing I would advise anyone traveling and expecting to stay overnight to stop at the first rest stop or welcome center when entering any state. Pick up the travel manual with coupons. We saved $30.00 by using the coupon.

      My daughter and I arrived in Navarre on Friday evening and then I continued to Pensacola on Sunday Morning. My friends in Pensacola are Mike and Gay Sanders and have known them both for many, many years. I met Mike in August 1955 in San Diego, CA and have been very close friends ever since. I first met Gay when I was her baby sitter in 1962 in Morocco. We were to go to a picnic that after noon at the NAS Beach and when we got there I found that the picnic was being held to bid fairwell to the local Catholic Priest and I had to go to Mass first. As Mike told me, tongue in cheek, ďDonít worry Dick it doesnít rub off.Ē It was beautiful Mass with local singers and very enjoyable. I also met a couple of other old friends at the picnic that I havenít seen in over 45 years.

      The food was outstanding. A large number of the church members are of Philippine descent and the food was just about everything you would find in the south pacific area. Of course, I ate far too much.

      The next day I got to visit the Air Museum at the Naval Air Station in Pensacola. When I was there in 1965 the Museum was one little building but it is now a very well organized and large Museum.

      Another thing that I got to experience while in Pensacola was Sushi. Pensacola is known for itís varied seafood restaurants. I was very pleasantly surprised that I really liked Sushi, I hadnít the nerve to try it before. The only thing if found was be very careful of the Japanese Horse Radish (Wasabi). I thought WV Horse Radish was hot, it canít hold a candle to Wasabi.

      Everything was going fine until my last day in Pensacola. I got up Wednesday with the Flu. I since have been improving but it seems to be a very slow recovery.

      Some may wonder how much does it cost to travel with the prices of today. We traveled a total of 1,989.2 miles staying over night two nights, one going and one coming. Motels total $64.00 (Quality Inn Loundon, TN) going and $46.85 (Ramada Inn Chattanooga, TN) using coupons for both. Total gas used 77.465 gals at a cost of $131.80 (average per gal $1.70) We started out with two dozen Pepperoni Rolls the West Virginia staple for traveling. Of course, we gave the left over Pepperoni Rolls to my daughterís old friend who is a WV transplant.

I hope I can get something a little better for the Web Site next time. Depends how I snap back from this Flu. It isnít fun getting old, is it?

Dick Wilt, Web Master.

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